drink!Nozarashi is recruiting


Position: leader

Trophies: ~2200

Level: 64

Dontions: 100k

Activity: daily

Alliance Rank: 16

Members: 15

Generals: 2

Last weeks Rank: 832

Todays Rank: After a few members leaving and a few getting kicked out currently ~1200

Very active members: 9

Active members: 2

Candidates for getting kicked out: 4

We are a battle oriented alliance that is searching for active members. It is understandable if you can not allways be active beacause of work etc. but if you are inactive for a longer periode of time you have to tell me or my generals first.

Expected level: ~50

Minimum donations: 20k

Activity: active

Language: We speak mainly English but 3 members including me speak fluently german as well.

Elite boost are activated during hard war seasons.

Communication is important and discussion are wellcome.