ductd831 Destroy the game!

He stay low at 500 throupy, when he is 80+ lvl player, when he atack us he take 70-75% of our gold, when we atack him we take no gold and no throupy, when we lose at his base we lost 70 throupy!!! I know he is not cheating and just play un fair with the system, bit need to do something about this player

He’s already been punished.(I think).

Fair or not fair, is just a game;). And im level 73^^.

Hey LEAVE DUCTD831 ALONE! Message to people who complain for other players who play fair and tactical on game’s mechanics: Get a LIFE!

Not taking sides either way here and no offense to any party, but the its in the games mechanic excuse for some behaviour is wearing a little thin. If I could find a method (within the games mechanic) that could strip you of all your gold, medals, gems and trophies would you think it was fair? This is the problem, some players are playing within a rule set of honesty and fair play, others prefer to try and play the game rather than play with the game. All this brings is conflict between the two, yes there are no rules … yet to how the game should be played, but the more individuals push the mechanics and the other ‘honest’ players the more chance that this will happen. Some players have become so disillusioned with all this they have given up, is that what we want a game full of players who only want to play the mechanics of the game, who will be the winners then?

honestly, don’t you know the spelling of trophy? what’s throupy supposed to mean?

as long as it is not hacking, I don’t see why not.


Some people focus on different things.  I focus on gems farm and remain low king lvl, some focus on defence, some focus on dungeon.


Protect your gold if you feel you are threatening or don’t post your screenname here

Heard of the word


Fair or not fair, it’s just a game? How stupid is that? Who wants to play an unfair game?

That’s actually an exploit genius? That’s not how the game is suppose to work genius



then you should quit, coin dozer is a better game for you.

Hahahahahahahah the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. A game that has leaderboards that would  directly correspond with their paypal statements “pay for victory” fair, my behind. A game that doesn’t have the same features across all platforms. I know they blame microsoft for their own inadequacies but still. Fair doesn’t come into it from the start without the niggly bits.  


Therefore I play for fun as its a great game and don’t take it to serious. Also hoping they change the game for the better in the future.

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