What if we could attack players while they were online, but instead of just attacking their castle It would be cool to go head on. It could be a full on assault with a straight path and a few towers on each of the opposing sides. The matchmaking system could choose players around your level too, and each player would get 3 lives. Once the opposing player loses their last life, or their castle is raided they lose. Also when you die you start back at your castle.

I’m sure they could find a way to use gems. I also think that the only scroll that should be used is summoning. And there should be a respawning time, maybe like 10 seconds, just enough to give the other player an edge.

As previously said, just imagine having the stun spell on both sides during this kind of battle. Doesn’t sound so exciting anymore, does it?

I think this idea will bring major problem to game’s sever.

I don’t like the idea:

First I want to decide when to battle and against whom.

To let the duels work, you’d have to force it on the opponent. Or let them choose to accept the duel - which would make it pretty useless.

And what if the “online user” currently attacks someone else? Should the attacker have to wait a few minutes? That would suck too.


I don’t think the servers would be such a big problem. But a duel would have to be real-time! So BOTH players would need to have a fast connection without and lags as every action has to be transferred instantly to the opponent and not just some results from time to time to the server.


And after all I don’t think that would fit into the game very well - it’s just a completely other style of play.

just like i said in topic improvement royal revolt,

it would be great if we have king vs king mode which use leadership priority to summon,

and just disable all of gem’s or crystal spell,its just too strong

it would be great PVP,and unforgettable!

dueling mode is great and those “motto”


will be perfect,“FIGHT FOR YOUR KINGDOM!”




its Fight!

It would be a disaster if online people can be attacked.Their money stack will be gone.I would prefer this if they put this type of attack as an option instead.But I agree.This idea is good.

game must be developed,and they will working it to balance everything,even the server will be develope too

I agree that the duel cannot start simply when somebody is attacking. But I think its a great idea for an addition or alternative gameplay. Would love to see this happen

Your idea sounds like some version of a Poke’mon game.

Of course it would be optional

People act like there aren’t PvP modes for other games. Of course there would be a matchmaking process before the match begins, I don’t think it should take much food to do it but no medals should be given out. They could definitely figure a way to sort the gold that the user would win. It could be a way of getting gold without taking it from the other player. They want us to spend gems so they would have to have some way of gem consumption. It’s basically like a tug of war. As for the stun spell that’s their business I wouldn’t care it’s a game.

well id think that like in game the mummys cast stun it doesnt affect me why would another players stun effect my king?

Based on the game condition now,I don’t think so they can develop it that fast

As the developer says it is not acceptable cause when the enemy use first stun to the enemy it will be more chance for winning