Dumb Newbie

Am I doing something wrong if I don’t see my troops when testing my defense?  If not, might that be a good option?

You mean defending troops?

Double click on the tent just northeast of your gate.

Hello, thanks for your replied.   I am refering to the troops I have set up in waves to protect me from my foes.  :unsure:

I kinda get your point as its my concern too!



When you click on the tent to test your defenses, do you see only the towers’ list, or also the defensive units’ list?

I didn’t have my waves set up correctly. This is why I didn’t see defending troops from my castle during testing.



I see the defensive units now. Thank you


Go to the Castle Guard and make sure your waves are set up correctly.  Initially, I thought 8/8 meant I had selected 8 units for the wave, but that is not the case.  It should appear as 0/8 when 8 are selected.

Glad to see it’s working properly for you now!

Good luck ingame :slight_smile: