Dumb Solutions

This post is regarding the stupid shit that flare keeps throwing at its players in name of a solution/fix of problems.


One of those stupid solution was introducing skulls in fortune chamber.  Originally players complained that they had to grind too much at high levels to win war seasons and asked flare to solve that issue.  They had to spend a lot time playing continuously as soon as food was ready just to maintain their lead with skull bonus.  Also many players just bought food by spending money and played continuously which was a great disadvantage to free players. 


So Flare introduced skull bonus in fortune chamber which not only forced players to spend even more time in grinding and money for buying food, but also forcing them to spend more money to buy gems to open chests in fortune chamber.  How in the freaking hell is this a solution to a given problem when it escalates the problem and makes it even more worse…Anyone who can explain this logic, I am ready to listen to it…But please don’t give me a bullshit answer that “We know it’s a business model and flare has to work on making money too…”. If you are looking for a solution from me, I don’t have it. It is not my job to find solutions for flare, they are not paying me to find solutions for the problems they create.


As I see it, there is no point ever in nerfing or boosting any units/structure in game as alliance with people who cannot buy food or pay for gems and play solely based on skills will always loose to an alliance who has players ready to spend money to buy food and spend gems to scroll and open chests in fortune chambers.  The shitty logic of manual match making will never work because even with manual match making, the team with most money to spend will ALWAYS WIN….unless they another alliance with more money to spend.


So my suggestion is stop worrying about nerfing or boosting stuff as there is no requirement of skills when victory can be bought by money…


Basically with this model, any player with big ego and lot of money to spend can be the real “KING”.  

I suspect that Flare misunderstood the problems of players. This is how the story unfolds -


  1. Players complain that participation from all players is a problem. Many people don’t participate

Flare - Lets add chests as reward to encourage more players to participate in wars


  1. Players complain that chest rewards requirements are too high for legendary chests (100k skulls)

Flare - Lets drop the requirements a bit


  1. Players complain that they need to do a lot of grinding in wars

Flare - Assumed that players are interested in grinding to get chests (obviously ignoring the part that they want to win wars!) and hence Flare says - Lets add skulls in treasure chamber so that people can win legendary chests with less grinding.


I seriously wish that the new trend that Flare has started by appointing Aether as Community manager will help Flare avoid such miscommunication.


I am bit confused between the series of events you described. I mean it makes sense the flare might have goofed up at 3rd point like you said, but the skull chest rewards was introduced for encouraging people to participate in alliance wars rather than forcing them to grind more.  It was more like an incentive to make people do wars.  If you are made champion, it is for only one reason, to win the war.  I don’t think alliances allows people to become champions for chests unless they are really rich and laid back.  Flare should be able to figure this much out, I mean they own the game, they know the purpose of each feature they introduce more than others.  

Hey :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback.

We are indeed aware of the issues caused by the skulls in the chests, and we are taking it seriously.

Be assured we are currently working on a solution to balance this problem :grinning:

Aether means the new alliance war system that is going to be introduced after this war season :grinning:

Flare isn’t “forcing” you to do anything against your will like spending money on gems, it’s your choice to do so. They are not looking for a solution from you, you don’t work for Flare. You sound like free player that is salty that he can’t compete against paying players. Don’t like it? Then quit the game and stop complaining.

Don’t worry, lots of people will be gone soon enough, then you can play the game by yourself.

No they won’t, if they wanted to quit, they would’ve done so already instead of coming here complaining. They will continue to play this game just like me and you. People will be gone soon enough? You know that how? Please elaborate.

I will explain for him… Flare is a no heart dealer…at the beginning fouls you with some free shits…create addiction…and after treats you like a whore…good enough? Don’t try to change mi opinion, I have played throne wars since beginning, easily they ruinied the game with updates and bugs…until they canceled the forum without any explanation… Treating your CUSTOMERS like garbage isn’t a good marketing strategy right? Soon they will be stucked with rr2 as they did with other games…they build new one(dawn of steel) same shits…and continues…continues… I am definitely out, I will try find a game who isn’t 90% pay to win…


If you can get ur head out of your ass you will understand how they force you to spend money.  I and mostly all good players play any online game to enjoy the game with their friends (which is one of the main reasons of playing any online game).  If you spend enough time and energy in leveling up shit, you hate to give it up that easily.  So if there is no other option to win a war season but to spend real money, it is frustrating.  If you don’t even want to address the problem just because you don’t stand any chance in free games, then no need to open ur mouth.  The main aim of every online game should be to use “skills, strategy and coordination to win” which is the fun element of it, that is if you got any.  Paying will surely make you feel better about yourself but at the end you are a shit player who cannot even figure out how to use base spells and units to win. Either way I don’t need to spend much time here as this thread is irrelevant now, but be ready to defend in other new topics about war season that will emerge soon.  

He has a point though. They truly aren’t forcing anyone to spend money. People do that of their own volition, because they want to win. It’s sad that you have to pay to win, I agree; but that isn’t your ONLY option. If you refuse to pay and can’t stand the fact that free players can’t compete, the only logical step would be to call it quits and find a new game. The way I see it you have three options: Spend money, torture yourself as a free player, or move on. I would just move on.


I know quitting is always an option but most people don’t want to quit the game. They just want to enjoy playing it with their friends.  I had quit age of empires which I was good at just to play this game with my friends. Now I have quit this game too, but I am still frustrated because I spent so much time and effort leveling my king and base just to quit at the end.

pound me hard : tomorrow is the last battle in this war season.i use to be a high scull earner now i am nothing.if we fight tomorrows battle -which i doubt after the results from previous battles .i will help the clan…then i say see ya but not in this game

Page 18 is a good read, 3 SK: United Realms players are quitting, most of IL wants out.  I’m not making this stuff up.



RR2 can be an addicting game, but it’s your choice to continue playing. What does throne wars and dawn of steel have to do with anything?


If you’re good player, you don’t need scrolls to win unless you’re Vanguard Legion member. I agree with you that you need to spend money to win wars, but you also needs skills to beat tough bases so you need both to compete at the highest level which you can’t do and that’s why you’re here complaning. Flare just made changes to how skulls are earned so I look forward to how that works in the next war.

Thank to the new boost on the firebolt tower 1/4 of my friend already want to quit even when it is not out yet , how in the hell that mid player like us could win a raid if we have to wait for scream and go back every time we can take down 1 of those tower, and if we follow the other solution that just encouaging fg to find more way making people waste money , lol .

Man, are u stupid like that? For sure all games need players who pay to sustain the company and with this players who pay have some quick time advantages, but as long as it starts to have advantages in winning (pay to win), this fails any games.

Players come and go, I don’t expect any of us to play this game another five years down the road.




The elite boost firebolt towers just came out yesterday and people are quitting already? Give it a few more days and learn new raiding strategy for the time being.


Man, are you retarded like that? Everyone that plays RR2 knows that if you spend money, you’ll have an advantage over the free players to which you probably are a free player and a shitty one too so no need for you to bring that up. Stay in your lane.

Yeah, now I confirmed you are a fully retarded. No more discuss with you. Keep your arguments 'cause everyone already noticed how stupid u are. Cheers! :slight_smile: