Dumping Unwanted/Extra Items to Alliance Gold Pool

Sometimes I get a lot of black/green/blue or even purple items which I don’t want as my items are better or I have nearly full inventory.


Can Flaregames give us players a chance to donate unwanted/extra items to the alliance?


What will happen is once the item is donated to the alliance, the gold goes to the alliance instead of the player… Also, this will give some players with lots of gold to purchase items off granny and donates it directly to the alliance … it is an expensive way but sometimes when everything is maxed and there is lots of gold lying around, it gives the player an avenue to dispose of the excess gold usefully.


What do you think Flare? Can you make it possible? Thanking you in advance! :stuck_out_tongue:

are you sure?? lower lvl alliances already protested enough that top alliances are too rich (top alli can afford prolonging all elite war boosts, enough golds to activate all champions and shields in every war, etc)… many members in my alli have full chamber almost constantly incl. me… we’ll definitely welcome this feature :grinning:

Valid point, though lower lvl alliances need some way of proceeding faster, so some way of free extra income should be implemented. Sacrificing mostly useless unused old or weak items for the greater good of your alliance sounds nice. 


And sure, top allis can afford prolonging the boosts and activating shields/champions, but don’t forget they have people donating a lot of real money in order to do so. With investing real money, the point of “affordability” is out of the window already - if you take as a given that the game requires constant paying, then even a low-lvl alliance can “afford” buying all the boosts :grinning:

Well, I’m a member in a top10 alli and not having too much gold in any way (rather the contrary) :wink:

No way!

If u can do that

No member will donate 400gems on alliance donation

Sure flare doesnt want that to happen


Yeah, the newest update will bring some fresh wind into the game :wink: