Dungeon - Crave of the Grave goods levels

I have reached the legendary level for goods in dungoen and now I am in a dilemma as to whether finish and get the item now or wait till I reach level 80 (currently at lvl 73). Initially I was under the impression, the items are going to be at same level for all players irrespective of their current level, but again that means everyone starting new will try to finish dungeon first to get the good stuff and then use it lower levels. So I believe they give items related to your level only. It that is the case, then I may get an item better than my currently gear and might help me now. But if i wait till i reach level 80, i might get a much better item that may last longer. I am split on what to do. I dont want to wait till level 80 to find that item of much lower than what I might have then.


Your input is greatly appreciated. All top players who finished the dungeon can guide us here.



I say go ahead and get the item now, If your level was really low then i would not have recommended it but your current level is good enough, plus waiting till you reach level 80 would definitely be a long wait and As you stated it wouldn’t be wise to wait for so long just to find out later on that the item was lower than expected to be. Besides what ever item you desire later on in the game will be available for you to purchase via the granny shop anyways. So i say go for it !

The dilemma here is I only spent on gems intially to get starter package, worker package and to get the third slot open for troop and spells. Other than that I spent money for some gear initially. Now I am not interested to put any more money and would like to continue playing as a free player.


Nowadays I am not seing good items for gold in granny anymore. Especially since they started the perpetual legendary item sale. The only way for me now is to gain some gems from tournament and spend when you have around 600 on the item you desire. So free item from Dungeon is very tempting for me and If i know i will get a better item at level 80, I dont mind waiting for another month and then collect all the goodies then.


Anymore perspectives?

haha iam free player on top 70. my king lvl 83.

FREE player forever.

FREE player forever.

FREE player forever.

Go and get the item. Waiting till 80 is definetly too Long. I just collected mine today. I’m Level 78 and i’m confident its based on your current Level.


Well you can always continue to play as a free player just do the free Tapjoy offers and try and win in the tournaments. If you have a working mobile phone i would suggest you do the offers that say " Speak to a Representative " their super easy to do and they credit over 300 Gems for dialing a number. Just wait till they answer and then just say hello and hang up. This way you can rack up gems for items you want in the granny shop later on or for packages. So i still recommend getting it now, the problem with waiting is that even if you have the patience it is not guaranteed that the item will be as expected. But that is what i suggest if you choose to wait then be prepared to be disappointed if things do not go as planned.

Tapjoy is not an option for us windows users. I think I will go ahead with it then

It was such an anti climax. I got a mask that had lower leadership (-40) and lower fire shield (-250) than the one I already use. I still have 3 left in the dungeon to conquer and I am not going to touch them now for a while.


You guys can keep posting your experiences in this thread for others to come and decide on their own.

Wait as long as you can, if you are in no hurry to beat the dungeon don’t waste the opportunity to get the best stuff you can. It is level dependant, if you don’t buy anything more up to level 80, I think everything you get will be a better item than you have now (as long as its not ice or i rubbish).

Thanks drum… i wish you had replied earlier. BTW, I like ICE Gloves and ICE sword. Why you hate ice? Ice shield is useless though.

Ice glove and sword are great, Ice protection is next to useless, sorry I should have been more specific.

my sword is fire damage but gauntlets are ice damage.

It would be one thing if the dungeon levels were guaranteed to reward you with a “good” item.  But my experience is that the rewards are exactly as random as the normal and special offers from granny.  So it’s likely to be a huge disappointment if you wait, and then end up getting a belt buckle that reduces your hero shout cooldown, or something equally as useless.


IMO they missed a huge opportunity here to do something special – the gear rewards should have been predetermined, and only available from the dungeon raids.  So if you complete the whole dungeon you get a unique set of gear with hand-crafted stats.  Maybe not as good as some of the best things granny sells, but also not 3 useless belt buckles in a row and things like that.  <shrug>

The issue i see with predetermined rewards is that people will scroll these levels to get the best gear which is not offered to them normally when they are low. This is wrong. My only problem now is, Any Item the you get from dungeon should be level tied as we think it is but it should be giving you items with more stats than what you have not less. Like in my case, what was offered was much lower than what was equipped in both the primary and secondary stats. I have decided to wait till 80 to get them now.

@desihero, Yes, I actually got nothing form the dungeon that was better than that I had already, but I had been ‘conned’ by granny to keep up to date. Knowing what I know now I would have not bought the stuff from granny and waited to see what the dungeon offered. The problem with granny is that she is so inconsistent with her offers that at times you don’t dare miss a good one.

Finally I waited from level 73 to level 82 (took me two months) and tried to finish the remaining 3 levels. Was frustrated with a useless granny sale that offered me no poison shield that I need and also other useless items that are much less than what I already have.


First one - Armor with -300 life and 2200 ice shield… useless

Second one - Wind boots with -2.3% again useless

Final one (had to scroll for it too) - Belt with -3.7% gold boost… again a bummer.


I am not sure what to say here. I waited for 9 levels upgrade here and still couldn’t get a single decent one. All the gear I got in dungeons are useless. One think useful was the additional slots that gave me a total of 42 slots in inventory.


Very disappointed.


My conclusion, if you are starting new, try to scroll and get the gear in dungeon levels before you get your own.

I don’t think it’s level related. It just seems to offer me items around the current gear I already have either 10% higher or lower with different secondary stats. I might just open up my remaining 3. Then again, just incase it is level related I will wait a few levels. No more than 5 though, patience is not one of my virtues.


It definitely is level related. I remember seeing one of the videos by sn1kt where he gets like a 9000+ armor gear for his level and was still less than what he already has. I will gladly take it any day. What I got was 6800.