Dungeon Crypt of the Living Dead V (Mummy V)


I used six scrolls of scroll. 69 gold is gone. I used Werewolf, cannon, Monk. All towers need to be demolished. If one remains, you lose.

Go forward and use the Bladestorm and Sonic Blast magic.
Monk getting heal in the back.  I’m attacking the towers with Cannon. Werewolf fast attack. 



it would be more interesting to watch if you didn’t use the scrolls @Serkan76

Yes, anybody can use scrolls and get through dungeons. No offense towards your video, but I think people watch walkthroughs so that they can see a way to get past the dungeon while NOT using gems

I tried using 3 scrolls. It’s over, but a few towers don’t collapse. You can’t win unless a tower is knocked down. very difficult to use without scroll. If the level is too high and you are strong, you may not use it. I needed a Mummy 5.

It is necessary to use at first. The first part is fast. You lose time in the first part. They’re very crowded. Scroll corners and towers are effective when they are crowded. You can use the scroll to finish if there is no time at the end.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to complete the last dungeon. He is the most difficult logically? without scrolls

No offense Serkan, but I think Invizzible and Awesomest are right.

I remember doing this dungeon without gems, it’s not one of the hardest.

I would suggest several things here:

  • You’re not trying to save your units, there are several bomb towers wiping your army so try using Bomb kick aura (Zelos Ring), stun or poison slowdown to stop the bombers and save them.
  • Together with Fritz and Bladestorm, you could tear those Gargoyle towers… easily! Or else, try some war season frost dragons. It’s just too awesome against this level.
  • Try using shield instead of heal. Your units are getting killed before you can even trigger heal.

So basically: Zelos ring, Bladestorm+Shield and Fritz. Using cannons and monk seems a plausible choice too.

Of course there are other options, but this is my suggestion.

Thanks for ideas??