Dungeon - Difficulty in finishing the final levels

The dungeon levels were increasing in complexity. I had to battle both mummy 3 and ogre 4 levels twice to get 3 stars. Not sure if i died once or not.


But from OGRE 5 they have become very tough. Ogre 5 was the first level i had to use  scrolls battle cry multiple times to finish in my 2nd attempt.

Yesterday I had the toughest level for me so far which was wereworlf 3.


I literally burned like 500 gems and 100 scrolls to finally get 3 stars, I was successful for the 7th attempt with the following


Canons + Frost + Ogre - all maxed

Time warp - i guess 3 to four times.

battle cry - may be 5 times.


Prior to that i did 5 attempts with 2stars(Some towers are missed some where) and one with 74 percent all towers were cleared but couldnt finish the castle.

I tried various combo of troops and scrolls.

Battle cry




time warp


I am a level 76 king with 3800 fire shield, 2100 poison shield, 6900 leadership, 11000 HP, 900 attack and 20.4% wind.


Even the final gold level was tough i guess i had to use 2 time warp and 2-3 battle cry.


Is this normal for you guys too?


I will have final mummy 5 ready by tonight but I am not sure if I wil be clearing it at all after these experiences. How was your experiences for those who reach this far and or finished the final level?


Should i even attempt the final one currently or should wait till I upgrade like a few more levels.


For anyone who wants to attempt these levels, my suggestion from my experience is to use TIME WARP + BATTLE CRY.


Any one else has a better idea/tactic?


Finally, for some strange reason, these final 3 levels were digged in 8, 9 hours and final one is going currently for a total of 11hours. Is it a bug or a nerf done recently?

Thats a recent nerf on digging time , see the server update post.Yeah it was very difficult deeper in the dungeon , last dungeon the toughest , all towers maxed out I think about 20 towers or more ? Maybe you should just wait , I too start scrolling (one blessing) at behemoth chamber 5.Waiting for Jason’s video before progressing to study the base and how to beat it.

Desihero, the last level makes all the rest seem a piece of cake, I completed them all scroll free, the last one was several resurrections and at that time apocalypes. Don’t use a blessing take arma and die so you can use it again, it costs a lot in gems to complete, but if you don’t do it properly the first time you will spend more in the long run doing it time and time again.

I tried with Arma at the begining but it didnt help me out. I guess thats because I am not dying. So which one in the other slot? Battle cry has been my constant for all so far as its cool down is smaller too

@Fii Nami :  Thanks for pointing me to the update thread. I have not looked for the last 3 updates.

Just the last one on 3rd attempt, also burned through a good number of gems and pearls (913 medals). Arblasters, cannons and Pyros together with Time wrap and Arma did it for me. Good luck

Arma cost a lot of gems, not sure I’m going to finish the dungeon in the nearest time

I beat the last ogre level with a level 60 hero and level 3 arblaster, level 5 cannon, and level 5 pyromancer. I just kept suiciding to refresh armageddon and apocalypse to obliterate everything. It costs like 200 gems and 80 onyx but I think it was worth it for my level. Max Ogre is just amazing. :wink:

It meant to be difficult deep down the dungeon, or else lower lvl player can beat it easily. So if ur hero lvl is low, u need more scroll to beat it, if ur hero lvl is high u use less scroll. 


I am lvl 80 above and i lose once in wolf lvl 3 dungeon because time out. Then second time i use Time Warp at middle way and won the battle. 

Of course faster digging time is good, but for low level player it comes with a BIGGER cost.

I won the last dungeon level throughout my second attempt with 1 resurrection and 1 armageddon. Troopers: cannons, arblasters and froster all at the maximum level. Stormblade level 6 and sonic bomb at maximum level…I’m level 78


Oh yes… ogre 5 :wacko:

That so hard!