Dungeon - Final levels.....

I am noticing a strange thing in dungeons. Suddenly the Werewolf 3 level digging showed only 8+ hours and the next gold one was 9+hours. Now even the Final most - mummy level 4 is showing only 11hours. Is there a nerfing done? I expected them to be in days all 5+days and may be 7 days for the final one. Anyone else noticed it?

There was a server update yesterday, Jona posted the details on here.

Time of unlocking for dungeons has been shortened overall. It’s great for us who are just clearing it. Saves several weeks of builder time!

I was already to last 3 when they implemented it and feels cheated now. I could have used all those workers to ugrade my base instead i guess. Anyways… no point crying over spilt milk.

I used one worker at all times, but I feel the same. Was kind of cruel and unfair to bring out this update when it was realistically possible to finish the dungeon in two without using gems to speed up the digging.


Wrote this to Jona on the update thread “To be honest a very lame update. Could’ve at least waited until people who were digging from day 1 of Update 1.4 finally gotten there and enjoyed their achievement for a day or two. Very anticlimatic… :angry:


On the other hand it doesn’t really affect me. Ever since the gargoyles got downgraded there was no urgent need to unlock max level monsters. But at least there was something to look forward to…

Ogre’s are amazing at max level. It usually catches people off guard when they are smacking the castle guard and it appears, smacking them back to the face for a quarter health. :wink:

Me too. I was to last 4 when they shortened the unlocking times… :slightly_frowning_face:

I can totally understand you!


I used about 150 gems in order to get some of them done a bit earlier, and was yesterday unlocking ogre lvl 5, so only a handful of dungeons left… not to say I spend 1-2 of my 4 workers on it for almost all the time since dungeons came out, slowing down my other progress quite a bit.

And now, suddenly, the waiting times are not just lowered, but practically removed completely… I mean, they were decreased by about 96%! Where before it was a day, it is now just an hour or even less. In other words, all our effort is now worth only 4% of what it was until yesterday. Feels pretty bad… :slightly_frowning_face: