Dungeon help

I’m on the one pasted mummy 4. That is 6,000,000 gold and could use advice. I’m level 88 and my top spells are blade storm 12 , shield 10  and sonic 9. Troops Cannon, Mummy and arbs.

I don’t mind spending gems. My alliance doesn’t have any boost going right now.  What advice do you guys have?  Want to keep the gem under 750. Can use advise on scrolls also.

Instead of spend thousands of gems just for dungeons pointless ,upgrade your units and spells step by step and take your time. To make sure to complete new level dungeons you should think about improving your offense first. Then think about boosts you can use in your alliance. New Dungeons level cannot be completed without using boosts. 

If you want to complete dungeons as soon as possible,you can spend tons of gems. But i think it’s not worth it. If you want to do it,that’s your business.

Patience is required in this game.

I d advice on the clean up dungeon fast scroll, which you can acquire for only 5000 dollar…

What level spells and level troops did you use in that dungeon?

The truth is you need alliance boosts to beat them. The best combo for all time is knight+ogre+wolf, spells are up to you but for sure you will need shield and sb/bs/blizz. Of course the higher level your troops/spells are the better. You can also wait for some great special war boosts that will help you a lot like for example insta knight, insta archer or time warp mummy. Also, be prepared to use scrolls - but you need to remember that it also depends on the scroll combo and if you have any experience/skills in using them. The best scrolls in my opinion that will help you beat any base or dungeon are tw and bc.

Forgot to mention, if you have any spare pearls, it is worth to invest in upgrading range on sb and bs. 5 forges  on range (2.70) will allow you to kill fbs and lts behind barricades, it helps a lot at higher level bases and dungeons.

Did sonic range 4times so far.

Going to have to wait on a 84% off deal needs to be under 800.00 :slight_smile: