I`d like to suggest new Dungeon levels where players could find gems, perls, gold items (not ordinary ones, because we have completed Dungeon I).


It shouldn`t be hard for you.

If you want to make it harder, copy bases of top 100 players.


If you want to make it more interesting, relate completition of Dungeon II certain levels to upgrate of troops or towers (same as for beginners, they can reach new spell only when they upgrade throne).


If you want to make it the same difficulty for player No.1000 and player No.1, you could ban using scrolls in Dungeon II. Like this even top players could struggle in last chambres of Dungeon II.


Uber item upgrades are very expensive in higher levels and success rate is low, so you could put more perls in Dungeon II and have more often special days when perls are multiplied by 5 or 10. Or…when somebody succeed in a certain Dungeon chamber, it will unlock all Blacksmith meltdown for a certain number of days.


Have fun,





I don`t like items without any perks (I have one like that, where You have forgotten to give a perk at the beginning. I just hope I could have 2 special perks on it :slight_smile:

Yeah more dungeons


I’d like to suggest the idea to complete a dungeon where you can unlock a new level of a troop (for example Knight) only by completing it ^^ 

Good idea. I like upgrades as rewards.

I like all these ideas!

How about adding a type of dungeon where you have to pay gems to dig them up, spend gems to try to attack instead of bread, all units costs gems to spawn instead of morale.

And if you fail the dungeon you will get raided by the evil dungeon master and losing 25% of all your gems.


And you have a chance to win a totally random reward?  I know you love it flare! When will it be released?  :slight_smile:


It would be really fun :wink:


Waaaaaaaaaait! How about they introduce a new worker type that costs double the amount of normal worker (you need 1 normal workers for him to unlock) but he is the only one who can dig this type of dungeons? Even more fun!!!


Don’t share it to me :grinning:

Maybe somebody want ?

You just jelly of my super fun ideas!

Dungeon II is a possibility for everything.

You could find there new troop level, new spell level, new perks, diamonds, perls, gold, gold shield…and it is easy to create, just copy bases of top players.

Unlocking all 100 levels would move your hero 10 levels higher :grinning:

And have one restriction - only one digger allowed, so equal chances for all RR2 players. Player would have 3 ways {right,straight, left} to choose to dig and in certain points these ways could be connected and he would continue other way.

But the last 100th chamber could be open only when all previous chamber have been open.


If you put a limit 12h to unlock a chamber, it would take 50days at least (in this case you can create 200 chambers Dungeon II)