Dungeon series

I’ll be posting on youtube a video once a week or maybe sooner of 100% dungeon attacks basically tutorials for dungeons.

I’ll post the first one tonight, And will post the videos here.

Uploading the first video now should be here soon!

Hmm…not bad, but you should do a video on alternate days since those are weak dungeons at the begining(by alternate days I mean like Monday then Wednesday, etc) and I believe its very nice of what you’re doing since a lot of new players have trouble with them and probably not be able to beat it, but when they look for help your videos can help them.

I don’t know how much could be useful do a video on the first dungeon, i mean nobody even the newbie find it difficult lol But if you are doing it for a full compilation of dungeon guides well-being  :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Yes the only reason I started with the first dungeon is because it will make it less confusing for me to know which one’s I’ve made a video for.

Hello My I won’t be able to use the computer till october, So the dungeon series is going to have to hold off for a while.

Very sorry.

I will do it in october though!

Ouch, that sounds like quite a setback for the new series :wink:


Good luck though, a series covering all the dungeons would indeed be awesome! :slight_smile:



#Edit: Maybe some others might also do some dungeon videos (splitting up the work), and add all of them to some common playlist? 

I’f you want to do some videos I can send you the login details for the youtube account i’m uploading them to.

Actually I don’t feel like doing that :wink:


Plus, for the first few dungeons, I’m not sure how representative a video from a lvl 90+ account would be - I can easily solo those missions without any troops or spells, so it probably won’t help new players that much to watch me beat those, I fear. 


But I’m sure there are others, who are more familiar and able to make videos, there’s a bunch of people posting raiding videos. Maybe ask some of those on PM if they’d like to participate? :slight_smile:

ive just recorded some dungeon footage


here is the youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEzlpyfYrzs