Dungeon Vein of Gold XXIII Gold 6,000,000


Spells are the best spells of all kinds of sound grenade effective magic. Sword storm slow and long effective magic. Healing magic Heals you and your armies. very effective magic when tactically used.

Start with the balls and the monk. Then use the werewolf. The important thing here is to destroy all the turrets, and if one remains, you lose. I used three scrolls of parchment.27 gold’s gone.

Thanks for sharing!

Great job serkan, but once again, players are typically looking for gem free dungeon walkthrough videos. I could get through the dungeon I’m on right now, but I not only like to give myself a challenge, but I also play it gem free so that I can give the walkthrough to players who don’t want to spend while playing! No offense towards your video, you did a great job defeating the dungeon, just giving some friendly tips :grinning: