What I do wrong? Have 98 level, good hero items etc. I cant win dungeon at 6 millions. Max 15-20% and I die. I think its not normal to make it so hard for players. Or I’m doing something wrong.

How much leadership do you have? and how much scream boost?

Leadership about 11k. scream boost about 40%

11k is still very low that’s why i can imagine you find difficulties but you have 3 options:

  • you reach 13K leadership wearing 2 leadership gears and 2 scream boost
  • you reach 15K full leadership
  • you remain with 13K but full scream 100%

U mean imust have 100% scream bonus???


You don’t need necesarily 100% you can do also with 70% but good leadership of 13K for example, but 100% since it is the max, it’s always better. Also as said i listed you 3 options that may help you. However last dungeons level are for high lvl gameplay, if you find many many difficulties, i suggest you to find better items growing up more with your hero level.

oPelle is right. Those are your options. You just need to be patient until you get these.

Believe me, many of us are still waiting for the right chance.

By the way, there are 2 additional options for you:

  1. Join temporarily a very high level, super troops boosted alliance and try the dungeons using highly boosted troops.

  2. Wait till a combination of season boosts for troops is introduced by flares. For example, these days you can use the arbs as frenzies+blasters boosts are active for them. It’s a very powerful troop and can really help you against some dungeons.

I am the same player level as you, have just yesterday beaten the vein of gold XXIII. Used the blasters/frenzies+Pyro/dragon+mummy. Still, needed 2 timewarps and one resurrection.

Whaaaaaat? Ed, you used scrolls? Where is the fighting spirit of this man :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe… Yes, shameful indeed it was… Oh… But really needed some more time, so used timewarp. And then, had just a couple of seconds left at the gate and no spells to cast, to give it the final kill, so died on purpose to get my spells refilled again when I resurrect.

And that topic you quoted has finally worked. At least some of the Windows users got equal chance for everything.

i do only my Dungeon when i have a chance to got 3 full Boost like this week : Blazing knight,Frenzy+Uber+Dragomancer or you can have Blazing Knight,Frenzy+Uber and Storm Cannon plus you wait to have strong spell at least level 12. Have 13K leadership,17K HP and high level of unit can help

this week that allow me to advance my dungeon and I have do : Vein of gold XX,Cave of grave Goods XVI,Vein of gold XXI,Diamond Vault XV for 1,000 Gems and Shapeshifter Hollow III,

Next time I wait to have again full boost to advance my dungeon for 100% winning sure

Hehe, Warri, these are the old ones, they are easier :stuck_out_tongue:

Only the last was more difficult (mummy 4), but with the dragofrosters next season it is doable scroll free :grinning:

Lol that why I finish it with 40 second left

Last night I have do Vein of gold XXII and now that start to become something. My first shot with no sonic blast I fail at 40% or less and other shot I try with my Sonic Blast and finish with 2 seconds and I use 1 Apocalypse. Thanks God I boost at +1 my sonic blast just before that make me win. I am imapatient to see the others one lol. If full Boosted its maybe just ok well the new one must be very tough