Dungeons- Upgraded enemies!!!!

If the dungeons are not hard enough. Enemies upgaraded 5 of them. im pretty strong. even using scrolls and resurrecting myself several times. cant even get close. thought the upgrades would last 24 hours, no. after a week still there. not really fair. 

I’m having problems with enemies too! I mean elite paladins are too much for me, wave after wave after wave. Flare make them too hard and I agree it’s not fair. I just don’t know why flare likes to make players spend there precious gems and pearls, as they say greed can kill.

flare dont care . they just want to let you spend gems . flare is totaly uninterested in us they only care bout money . and now they even dare to let us nominate so that they get a award or something . nah not from me . this game is worse every day . they should realy be ashamed of themselfes . before they deserve my vote they first should do better cause this is getting crap all the way .

I can finally say that the dungeons are not recomemded for kings below lvl 60

You may differentiate a bit here :grinning:


But specifically about those elite paladins… if you have a strong damage spell available and either use mainly ranged troops or go ahead with you hero and just fire off your spell and pass the paladins, then they will die most of the time before they can heal up, as they only heal on hitting someone. If no one is in their range while they get damaged… bad luck for paladins :grinning:

i have not attempted the dungeons for a week. just tried, even using spells and scrolls.i cant even get past the first bend. they have made it even harder. WHY. It seems the more I upgrade my hero and spells the harder they make tt. BO!!OCK5

dungeons are easier now


Got ogre5 with 2 timewarp & 1 resurrect

I just raided Diamond Vault XV and found it to be quite easy.

A few gems were needed but with a reword of 1k gems its a net gain so, yay me.

As it was my first attempt at this cant speak to easy or harder than before. I don’t recall anyone houling about that one before maybe it was always easy.

We are going through the dungeons on a low level account, 60 to be exact and we are now starting to struggle right after shapeshifter hallow 1. Everything up to that point has been fairly easy to say the least and only the previouse few were even close everything else was just blow outs.

Here is a link to the latest dungeon fight



Complaining about a game being too challenging?

The dungeons are not meant to be beaten all at once.

It’s supposed to take time, it’s a campaign.

If you ask me they should be harder.

I just got a legendary item from down there. I was really strugggling I spent 5k in bread with attempts. Then When I completed it, it was with 45 seconds remaining :blink:

I think they might get a tiny be easier at each attempt maybe.


I was rewarded with a crappy item though but i’ll take it. crappy where have i heard that before :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how close the “rebalance” to make them easier is just a reversion back to the build before they “rebalanced” to make them harder a couple months ago. Bit of a merry-go-round.

I wish they would balance the dungeons so that they wouldn’t crash the game on Windows phone - and I’m not using an underpowered device (Lumia 1520 with 2GB of RAM).

With the last update the dungeons seams to be easier then before.




I have changed the comment on youtube but it don´t changed it. sorry for that.

Its RR2 version 1.61

I just watched this video^^^^^^^^^ but I know his king stats are huge compared to mine and the average player so I can’t really use it as a guide.


I have a challenge to anyone who can do any of the last few dungeons scroll free. Here’s the exception though roughly (12-14 health) (around 8-9k leadership)


It can be a video or I’ll just take your word for it.



I will be trying but I don’t think it’s possible. I suppose elite boosts are acceptable to use. But more bonus points if they are not.

I know my stats are very high but a few weeks ago i only reached 70+% and had to scroll.

IMO The last few dungeons are not meant to be beaten scrolls free. The rewards they give merit some scrolls being used. Level 4 + monsters, 1000 gems, legendary hero items

The previous re-balance making them harder again was a by product of turning elite boosts on in some of the dungeons. I don’t think it was really intended since right before they made them dramatically weaker. Now they appear to be a little bit harder than the easy mode dungeons but way less harder than when elite boosts where 1st added.


Also to note that you can use elite boost units to fight against them as well which would make your offensive a lot stronger. The only issues there are most alliance wont have elite boosts activated at all since they cost so much.

Here is a thread /videos  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJmwc371KtOElE_c_jf7nguTeVeCFIXPp with all the dungeons being done by level 60 king, with average hero gear. Currently stuck at crypt of the living dead 2 with 3 attempts! Check back in a few days for more updates on our progress