Dungeons War Boosts

Ok, I myself have not reached the last couple dungeons. But I know they have the alliance war boosts. Well, since the alliance war boosts have been updated, shouldn’t they, e.G. no longer have both the boosted mummy and the boosted gate in any ONE dungeon? Idk of they still are like that or not, but if they are, Flaregames needs to change it!

Just checked, the boosts are still there. And since the dungeons are the last ones, theyre supposted to be hard. I don’t see you make any point why they shouldn’t be boosted, besides saying it shouldn’t? But what do the changes of Flare in the war rewards exactly have to do with the appearence of the boosts in the dungeons?

They should not be BOTH be boosted because you cannot earn both doom gate and surprise mummy in any one alliance war, and you cannot prolong the boosts of last war to the next war. You can no longer have surprise mummy and doom gate at the same time. Therefore, Flaregames should change the dungeons to alternating war season boosts: boosted pyro, boosted arb, and boosted gate or boosted froster, boosted gargoyle tower, and boosted mummy. But not both!

It is possible to have both Doom Gate and Boosted Mummy at the same time. If an alliance wins a war and wins Mummy they can prolong it until the end of the war in which you can win THE SAME BOOSTS.

That means that if an alliance wins 2 wars in a row they can have all 6 alliance boosts for a while.

I havent spotted thr new warboosts in the dungeons yet, so I think they are still pretty balanced. I dont really like the idea of alternating boosts, that would probably mean a dungeon will be a lot easier one week over another week.

I didn’t mean that the dungeons change every week :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t remember having seen a doom gate on any dungeon yet… I remember e.g. the overall last dungeon (mummy 4) to have boosted mummy as only war boost. 

The red dungeons all have DG now.