Duplicate Uniques

Please @CaptainMorgan - I’m BEGGING you - do something about the ridiculous duplicate uniques. It’s bad enough that I seem to get them at less than half the rate of my alliance team members (okay some people are lucky others are not) - But duplicates? Of the total of 11 I have EVER found 4 have been EXACTLY the same item.  That’s MORE than a third for goodness sake!

It’s a joke and a poor one and I ain’t laughing any more.

And please don’t tell me about cursing them - I’ve done that a few times only to get - guess what (in one case) ANOTHER f&%^King duplicate of something else I already had.

It should NOT be that hard to alter the probabilities so that new uniques you find (or curse) are, well UNIQUE (you remember what that word means right??)


Desperate and Despairing (but seriously - do something

@MarcusozInception This is an unfortunate side effect of the fact that we are now over-generous with the amount of Unique Items we give out. Finding 11 Uniques should not be something any but the longest-term players should be able to do. 

I will soon post some additional info about Forging Uniques using the new system, hopefully that will make your duplicate Uniques more useful and allow you to make them more Unique through Forging.

Thanks for reply @CaptainMorgan but with respect you are out of touch "Finding 11 Uniques should not be something any but the longest-term players should be able to do. " I have been playing for close to 2 years - there are several in my Alliance who have been playing for less who have found twice that count.

And it’s only an “unfortunate side effect” because the devs don’t do anything to avoid it - which they could if they tried

Please consider letting the players know about potential changes to perk caps, etc… before releasing the new forging version. It would be discouraging to modify a unique item to be effective under the current system just to have it be marginalized if caps (or perks themselves) are changed.

I really like the idea of a new system for dealing with duplicate uniques though!

I want the same thing cursing items again give same unique items,So far four Achilles unique armor,Two dragon scale,two asterion,two nemesis,two ageagn threads.

I also have only eleven different unique items( but only I know many gems I have spend on buying Titan hoard packs or opening cursed unique chests :slightly_frowning_face:  to avoid those leghty pesky tasks too even after that I find same unique item :slightly_frowning_face:  )

At least developer can reduce the cost of opening cursed titan chest from 1000 to 100 gems as we are already paying 10 million gold plus one five star titan item to curse duplicate unique items and then we have extremely lengthy tasks of conquering 500 islands that almost take two to three weeks to accomplish.