Duplicated unique items ..

Hello there!

Would it be possible to let us use unique items to forge other uniques ?
I mean, it’s already very annoying to receive duplicate uniques - it would be nice if the system could at least let us use them to reforge.


Well I just got two Achilles unique armor in less than two weeks I don’t know whether I should cry??? or laugh ??? at my bad luck.Also most of my Alliance members are feeling good about getting multiple unique items.We all show our multiple unique itmes to each other to see who has the most of them.One Guy has got Four namean lion claw and two Ajax Great shield.

@CaptainMorgan and @GalaMorgane could you please do something about it.

yeah and the rest of us seem not to have a chance to get a single one of them

Overall, a chance to get a unique out of a chest can be treated as 2 Independent variables in a form of Unique chance and Duplicate chance (NOT duplicate for the people with no uniques). Therefore, initial conditions would be 0.01 * 1 = 0.01. Nothing new, eh?

Now, the chance to get a unique given you have 7 already (I am not counting duplicates for uniques) is 0.01 * (1 - 0.2) = 0.008 = .8%. Hmm, seems a tiny bit low, doesn’t it? Let us increase our actual unique chance to 20%. Very high to be honest, but still. Then we get 0.2*0.8 = 0.16 = 16%. That’s better.

Now, let us consider the case of someone with 20 uniques getting that elusive shield. 10% Unique chance to be fare. 0.1*(1-0.8) = 0.02, 0.04 if it is a 20% chance. 2%! That’s, excuse my french, is close to “unpossible”. @CaptainMorgan was it your plan to maintain uniques unique through ignoring duplicates chance :)? Seriously though, I am very happy with the chances upgrade, but I am not happy with the progressive screw-up chance due to duplicates being a thing. Make all of the stats equalize if you forge at 125+ like your cursed item “fix” works, take the duplicate chance out of the equation. Lets us use the ones we have to forge the true uniques. Make us all happy (after 4.0 or before, I am happy with either).


P.S. Bonus probability question. What are the chances of getting 3 Perseus sandals or four nemean claws?

Treating each chance of the specific unique as random variables with

n = 9

p = 0.2 (20% unique chance) * 0.8 (Let us say 7 is the most realistic number of uniques you may possess at this point in time unless you are playing for more than 6 months) = 0.16

k = 3

The probability for 3 dupes can be modulated by **(9 choose 3) 0.163(1-0.16)9-3 = 12%. **That seems quite high to me, doesn’t it? Probably a bit too high for something you roughly need 200 chests for, eh?

For the Nemean claws (4) it is 0.05, already better, yet I would probably assume n to be 12, so the chance is destined to go back to 12.

Under any rate, you see the point - dupes take up WAY TOO MUCH of our chances to actually have a UNIQUE and not a duplicate item. Please, consider changes to that sometime before or (most likely) after 4.0. So yeah people, something you can learn from this - never pay for the OR chests. Just don’t. Especially if you have 7 or more uniques.

There will be a system implemented which will allow you to do something useful with your doubled uniques.

You guys have multiple unique items while most of us (me included) have none. *cries*

Tl;dr Im mad.


I got two cadmus shield in a row. I was a bit mad but then the new shield had much better stats so I was satisfied… until i compared the two shields if I had upgraded. The old shield would upgrade to the same stats as the new shield. The new shield would gain very little stats. So im mad again.

Day before yesterday I got asterion for the third time, This is so annoying

@doomlord786, send me that Asterion instead.

I want to, But I can’t…

Please @doomlord786? send me one I will exchange it for Achilles unique armor.I have two of them?.

I understand your frustration, I have 2-3 unique duplicates as well …

Morgan said in future update they will make it so duplicate uniques will have an use for … something. So keep it for now!

GUYS! Send me one! I have no uniques! *cries in the corner*

If your first two uniques are two pair of Perseus’ speed boots, you gonna cry even more ^^

2? How about 3?!

Just saying


Hey @Dheth are these your unique items.??? 

yep… the duplicated ones … actually had 3 of perseus as well but sold one long ago, ajax’s chest was duped but sold one, and same for odysseus’ boots.

I do get uniques … just more duplicates than else.

You actually found like 10 -12 unique items but Duplicate??.Do you buy Titan horde chests or promotional chests? Your unique item drop rate is Good.?

Never bought chests nor used gems to open them. In about 14-15 months I found 12 uniques if I recall well - and of those 6 were duplicates of something else I already had.

So that makes an average of an unique every 5-6 weeks, which becomes 11 weeks if you ignore duplicates (even if I got way more items since the titan % update than before, so those stats are not that reliable nowaday).

Note please, this is not a rant about the rate of unique drops - just a hope for whatever they do with the duplicates update, since half of what I got just clutter the storage at the moment. If at least they would fill up your gold on selling … but they give some very lousy amount.