duplicates of duplicates unique items

I decided to open this discussion to discuss the issue of duplicates with unique items. I do not think it is acceptable that when you curse a duplicate by destroying 5 star titan items, 10 million gold and 1000 gems you must find a duplicate that has the value of rubbish (remembering that 1000 gems cost about 10 euros). Is it normal to spend 10 euros to buy trash? This problem has long been known but the developers ignored it (like the overwhelming majority of requests made by non-elite players). Personally I found duplicates for a number equal to 50% of the total unique items of my inventory, I found 4 doubles consecutively spending thousands of gems, many 5 stat titan items, tons of gold and a great deal of time to get trash. Also on the unique crest there is written “contains a powerful single object” but instead contains a duplicate … 5 duplicates on 11 unique items.
Let’s discuss it together, post your duplicates and propose solutions hoping that they will not be ignored
My first proposal is to get rid of the crused unique chest “for some accounts this chest contains duplicates”

P.S. now I proceed to the curse of a duplicate, I will throw again a 5 star titan item, another 10 million and another 1000 gems and I will post the screen or the video … we will see together if I find the duplicate consecutive … or some useless object

I use duplicate uniques to refine, so I have one “standard” version of the unique, and another that I can mess around with. So I’m kinda cool with getting duplicates right now. 

Except for the kinda lousy uniques like Talaria and Cadmus shield. I have no problem just refining good perks onto them and not having a clean copy. 

And for the one millionth time, I think the very best solution to this problem is to make it so that duplicate uniques have some kind of other practical purpose, i.e. they can be used as exceptional forge fodder. This would instantly make duplicates valuable. I think the solution to make cursed unique chests *never* produce a duplicate of another unique you own has it’s own problems. I would like a second apple more than any of the uniques I don’t have yet. I wouldn’t want to eliminate my chances of getting a duplicate unique I actually want.

For those that have the 4-5 absolutely necessary uniques for use at the end game bases, there is no need to curse and waste resources. I probably spent around 5k gems and also received many duplicates. I would really suggest the following to resolve the issues with this:

  1. Opening a chest using gems SHOULD NOT give a duplicate, you’re paying real money for something you want - and it’s not cheap. Normal task completion = totally random.

  2. Pay a gem fee (maybe 500 gems?) to select which hero you want your unique for (that still gives 50% chance in most cases of not knowing exactly the unique you’ll get)

  3. Have some sort of exchange system with alliance members (or the greater community) whereby any player wishing to enter the trade pays 700 gems (you chose the unique you want depending upon availability) but you get what you pay for.

What does this mean?

@dumpsternormal tasks like take over 500 islands/500 oddessy points etc= still possible to get a duplicate unique (random).  Pay 1k gems= new unique.

I have 2 apples :slight_smile:  - but would swap one for Perseus shield any day!

Ok gotcha.

BTW: With the expanded levels and expanded VP, the Get X VP curse will eventually be able to be completed in one war, not 2 like it is currently.

I broke the curse with 1000 gems (10 euro) and I found the bringer of fire, an item for a useless hero that with the new lvl will be promoted to decoration for Mount Olympus, but at least it is not the fifth consecutive double……for players out of the top 3 alliance who receive 1 unique items each war season can also be fine ?

If you know you’re going to be disappointed by the unique, why not just break the curse normally? It takes at most 3 weeks, and that’s only if you get the War VP curse with an off-week in between. You could break the 500 gems curse in less than a week, you grind like a mofo.

Here’s a real suggestion!!! Read below devs and such:

I’ve suggested this before, but for ALL curses, why can’t the gem cost be prorated? Like if you complete 50% of the curse, why do you still have to pay 100% of the gem cost? With towers, etc… the gems you pay are based on the time left, not on the total cost to complete it. With towers and other upgrades, I won’t pay full gems to finish them, but often times when they get down under a few hundred or whatever I’ll pull the trigger to finish them early.

This would ESPECIALLY be nice for the above-mentioned war VP curse, particularly in the case where you hit the no war week. You could do one war and then instead of waiting 2 more weeks to break the curse, just pay whatever is remaining in gems.

I think this should apply to all curses, not just unique chests.

I suggest devs also in game unique sale showing as random pop ups

Like this “mirror shield… gems cost” 

Unique perseus pack " talaria + mirror shield"… gems cost. 

“Apple of discord double pack”… gems cost. 


Believe me this will be more cheap to find desired uniques… 


I agree this is a good step in fixing the unique issue and I would also suggest to increasing the unique utility:

(just repeating some of the suggestions from others)

  1. allow forging with unique (may even transfer the ability to continuously upgrade to the max status)

  2. bring more balance to the usefulness/impact across all unique. for example, associate a dodge chance with speed or with fire bringer give element fire dmg/or buff prom’s hero spell somehow.

I believe you!

Do you think cheap uniques is best for game balance?

Elemental damage would be a cool perk to add (although we have frostbite), but you currently can forge potency onto firebringer if you wanted to buff prom’s spell. I don’t have firebringer, but if I did I would be tempted to put potency, weapon speed, or damage on it. Or petrify/stun. Both would be good.

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Just wondering the area dmg right now only applies to melee attacks and not hero spells right?

I mean if it doesn’t may be just for fire bringer it could extend the spell radius and you know for example take down corner nyx/give greater shield radius.

anyways going off topic abit … srry.

Area damage is just melee, you’re right. Prom is not an awesome hero. I think rather than making one of his unique items better to allow him to compete at a higher level (which would make him more useful only to the people who have that unique), they should think about improving the hero in general. He’s perfectly fine for odyssey, but I wouldn’t want to use him for much else the way he is right now.

Kinda getting off topic here. Maybe make a new thread about this stuff?

hi vasudeva. i gave you a “confused” replay and want to explain why:

i agree with you that it is not good when you receive the same duplicate again (and again). you are not the only one, but that is no excuse. there has to be done something, i agree, but i don’t think that the solution to this should be “if i pay, i get what i want” - there are too many player you can’t or don’t want t do this. and this game should always have the same chances for all. there are other things that can be done, e.g. like raise make it harder to receive the same unique item again if you already have it. (similar to raising the possibility of receiving a unique if you dont find one in a chest opened)

another thing what should be done is that they should check their random number generator (RNG), or better their pseudo random number generator (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pseudorandom_number_generator) as those algorithm rely on the chosen seed. the usage of RNG (or different algorithms therefore) is not an easy task imho. i hope they don’t just said “hmm, we need some random number, well lets take a random generator” - results can be, lets call it strange.

as a comment: i also have it the same way now as @dumpster alredy said - it is always good to have a fallback strategy if something did not went the way in the forge as expected and therefore i am glad that duplicates exists right now. and also in the future different forging ways can be applied to them resulting in different purposes of the unicates.


I’ve just discovered my 15th Unique, including 3 Duplicates.

Thus my chance to get a duplicate is 20%.

Am I in the average? What’s everybody else’s chance?

hi @NaN it is true, the solution should not be “if I pay I get what I want” because not everyone can or want to afford it, but just because all this process costs so much you have to do something. What I say instead is “if you make me pay so much, do not give me something useless”
A solution could be to drastically reduce costs in terms of gold, gems and missions to curse a single item and remove the option to sacrifice a 5 star titan item (1 million without burning 5 star titan items and 100 gems to open the single chest would be fine). It is not a speech that I do only for myself, imagine a player who has not yet improved the structures and must subtract resources to the improvements and then find himself something useless
Another solution could be that of an market into the alliance in which a player sells an item and sets the price in gems, this should be in accordance with the terms of the go app store because nothing is given for free but the player who buys the item “put on sale” pays with the gems then with “real money”

i dont recommend anyone to pay 1k gems just to reduce time - wheater for opening chests (you pay for reducing the time/task not for the result. there is a differnece) nor for finishing structures. (i do/did so rarely if i could save some hours to start a new one when i could not play the next half a day due to work/sleep. my max value was 50gems on this, because it is a waste. just my opinion).

a market place would be great, but it could also be exploited easily. just keep such things in mind. also just my opinion, i would love to give the one or other unique item to long term fellows of my alliance who are waiting desperately on such items. (but if would be possible i can only imagine how many new accounts would be created just for the purpose to farm uniques and transfer them to a main account…). also just my opinion.