Duration and discount in offers not being respected

How come An offer of 50% discount for 20 000, was published and expected to still last for 1 and half hours, suddenly changed in 5 minutes and became an offer for a 30% discount instead.

That’s disrespectful and a lye, you are not respecting what you announce. I also happened to notice that the offers on the phones are always more expensive than in PC’s. That’s also somehow not very fairplay.

I don’t know what’s your policy but it is in my opinion dishonest and disrespectful to players.

Well appearantly it happens to everyone (previously I thought that it only happened to my friend)

Same thing happened to him…he got an offer of 50% he was planning to buy…time was 3 days 1 hr…and suddenly that evening that changed to 30% discount he was like wt* 

Immediately he raised a ticket and as usual those so called wizards sitting in flares office did nothing that will solve the problem. All they said plz excuse the inconvenience … 

This is open chitting. If u r saying offers are randomly generated by system then I don’t think that same system will change the offer it created before it’s due time (we r not fool FG)

For the second line yes In PC everything is less costly cause they have tied up with Microsoft and Microsoft constantly featuring RR2 in it’s store for 2 years. From players prospective it is also fair as they don’t have many advantages like tapjoy and videos sadly :grinning:

@GalaMorgane no toxicity is here… u should have answered and forwarded it to upper section…it is really annoying…event was there my friend got the offer…wanted to buy…was collecting money and suddenly it disappears…never happens in any game ?

Hello there,

I just asked the Devs. Waiting on their answer. I’ll update my post once I have news on that.

Many thanks,


48 hrs gone…still nothing…wizards are sleeping…let them sleep ?

@GalaMorgane at least say they are not gonna answer so don’t come here anticipating any update on my post. This will definitely help ?

I got my conclusion @GalaMorgane like it or not u are not a good CM

Gala did her job. Go complain about the devs, cause they’re the one’s to blame

I appreciate the effort @GalaMorgane, you did what you were supposed to, just an impatient customer, “many thanks” ( :grinning: ) for reporting this bug and trying to help out a player


Oh, and @cocotherough, you should contact support. Hopefully that will quicken the speed, cause my guess is that the devs are quite busy as of right now

Well well well u r a supporter then… I visit forums daily expecting answers if they are not giving answers gala could have given any statement which would clarify the situation. But she never did anything like that. And that reasons are enough to be impatient. I am playing the game paying my money to flare and I will be impatient if the community manager won’t do her job. Bdw u r inactive for 3 months may be why r u still roaming on forums ?

U didn’t read the above comments? I have already mentioned that there is no response from support team. They are really not doing anything. Raise a ticket u will understand how horrible the situation is ?

I hate to say it, but Gala can’t fix the bugs herself. All she can do is report the bugs. She’s not a dev, just a CM and she’s doing her job the way it’s supposed to be done. And NO! I’m not at all a supporter of flare, cause they make some really crappy decisions, but I AM a supporter of Gala, cause I hate that she gets the full blow when really it should be the devs who get it

Hahaha, cause not being active for 3 months doesn’t make me a noob lol. I still know about the game, and not being in the game shouldn’t make me not be on the forums. I would be playing right now if it weren’t for my computer being broken :slight_smile: . The only reason I “retired” is because I had no timetable for when my laptop would be fixed and I thought my bro wasn’t gonna be able to get an RR2 account, but things have changed: My bro has an account, and my laptop is being fixed tomorrow (maybe the day after, but anyway, soon!). Looking forward to kicking some butt when I come back :grinning:  

Lol u don’t know the basic things…it is her job to handle all things in forum…he is getting paid…and how do u know the devs exactly didn’t answer her? Cause devs are busy? Look it’s not a question of formula for atom bomb. So even if devs didn’t send answers she should have mentioned something which will make up the situation.i don’t know what it takes to just say sorry for the inconveniences the devs are really busy due to things going on for 4.0 so I can’t give a specific time frame when you are gonna get ur answer. It’s her duty she failed so she has to be blamed…u must be a wizard so saying she is not at fault. I am sure I am not alone who is not happy here with her work ?

None said u became noob just because u aren’t playing game anymore. Frankly it just don’t make sense when someone is commenting on a thing but he himself is unaware about the whole thing. U r not going through above comments u just come and post ur opinions and increasing the overall traffic in forum. If u would have gone through that u must have realized what I wanted to explain.


My friend raised the ticket and didn’t get satisfactory result. That is why I asked here. And yeah if it is not an appropriate question to he asked on forums gala could have said to use support on the first place like she usually do on pro bug cases or account issue cases. But she didn’t say that. It makes the post relevant to here

But This make ur comment totally irrelevant

Don’t try to spam in forums ?

, not spam, just didn’t see that part about him raising a ticket, it isn’t spam, gosh. You really need to figure out the definition of spam before throwing it around

This discussion of me not being in the game will end soon, hopefully a week or so. I wish people would stop using the “don’t be on the forums when you’re not in the game” crap. Just let it be, gosh lol. I truly am sorry if I offended you by not seeing the request ticket part of your comment, cause it seemed to tick you off a bit. Just take a chill pill and take a nap. It’s just a game after all :grinning:  

Same goes to you ?

To also be fair to the whole topic, it’s 100% that guy’s fault. I mean, why wait until the offer is almost done to buy the package? That makes no sense

I took mine a long time ago, 6 months ago, to be exact. That’s why I don’t spam the forums with stupid complaints anymore…at least, according to the true definition of spam. Maybe not to the dumbo’s here