Duration Spell Pal Flute is shorter

After last update spell pal flute duration is c.a 4 seconds (instead 7 seconds).
Please repair it fast.

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pal flute duration is correct, but battlecry or special ability is little bugged…

see if this :point_up::point_up::point_up:is the problem you are facing or is it pal duration you are having trouble with?

For now I noticed only duration (pal flute + ceres) is c.a 4 seconds

I have already checked the changelog and there is no mention of any changes to pal flute aside from the duration description as per patch v5.2.1

When summoned using pal flute, my pal normally uses its special ability twice when enemies are nearby. For instance, Phoebe is normally able to use armageddon twice before the pal flute spell ends. Now, it only uses its special ability once.

Please fix this bug asap. This is completely game breaking for us that rely on the pal flute spell for offense.

Experiencing the very same thing …

This is a pretty big problem for me, since I even wear the special boots for +1sec beast time that don’t offer any other real benefit.

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Hi, anyone notice that battlecry effect shorter (4 second) than the display of the spell which showing 7 second?

@Madlen, thanks you in advance for helping in this bugs.

I use pal flute and i see this too. It c.a. 4 sek. Repair this!!!

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I am facing the same problem…

pal change remains for 7 sec, but battlecry has problem…

Yup, there is two cases, both beast form and battlecry have error.

After the recent update 5.2.1, there’s something unusual happening with pal phoebe when activated with pal flute… my pal flute is fully upgraded plus forged many times so that my pal flute lasts for 7 seconds…

What’s wrong?.. Well, before the update, my pal would use its armageddon twice in a single activation, but now, it uses its first ability a little late and changes before using its second ability…

I am not sure if this is an update i am not aware of or is it really a bug… I have been studying this change since the update and I am as sure that what I am witnessing is outcome of something recent…

I want Devs to once look into it and confirm it…

Also, am I only the one facing this unusuality or are there others? Please, let me know… thank you…


didn’t notice the topic was already created

@Madlen merge topics…

Hi guys,
I merged some topics into this one.
Please keep in mind that we have fixed a stat display bug with 5.2.:

  • Fixed wrong Pal Flute Duration stat display

I will forward this to the devs though and will let you know when I have an answer.

Thanks Madlen :blush:
It affects a lot our fight, if possible fix it before incoming wars.
We do see a there is a fix on “display” bug, but Pal Flute ingame has been changed also.

Best regards :smiley:

Please fix this before the upcoming alliance wars. I have invested heavily into a pal flute build, spending thousand upon thousands of pearls, only to have it be destroyed like this by careless devs who don’t test everything first before pushing out an update. Me and many other players cannot fight at full strength without it.


I’m facing the same conundrum right now and I can no longer defeat many players I am normally able to defeat because my pal uses its special ability only once. Normally, it’s supposed to use it twice.

In addition, the pal flute’s battlecry is also broken. That battlecry is necessary when troops are pushing in a crucial section.

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Hi guys,
We have looked into this now. These are our findings:
The VFX of the Battlecry effect of the Pal Flute is not correctly displayed if the Battlecry perk is upgraded. While the increased duration of the Battlecry effect is indeed working, it is only the VFX on affected units that is not correctly prolonged with increased duration. This will be fixed with a client update in the future.

The transformation duration that the Pal Flute spell provides is now fixed to be in line with the transformation animation again. As a result some Beasts are able to now only cast their spell once per transformation while they were previously casting two spells per Pal Flute activation. We will be looking at the spell cast intervals of every Pal in conjunction with Pal Flute in the near future and you can expect balancing changes to address this issue.

Thanks for reporting this!

I’ve tested the pal flute again and nothing has changed. My pal still only uses its special ability ONCE, not twice. This is completely unacceptable.

I’m guess it’s time for me to quit or take a break from RR2 at least until they’ve fixed it back to normal. I’m very unhappy with the recent update. Shame about the 7500 gems I bought recently.

Sorry, but it seems like you misunderstood something :disappointed_relieved:. I have said we will be looking at the spell cast intervals of every Pal in conjunction with Pal Flute in the near future and you can expect balancing changes to address this issue. We have not changed something to address this already.


Our request is simple. Return pal flute back to the way it was before this update. As they say: “don’t fix what isn’t broken”. Pal flute was never broken to begin with, so I have absolutely no idea why the devs even bothered touching it in the first place.

But given your answer, it’s clear that there is no intention to return things back to normal. So, no definite answer and no definite timeline either. I feel like all my efforts were wasted.

Well, I bid you adieu.



Hi… I am sorry to nag about this, but please fix this asap…