Dutchie - Recruiting

Dutchie Started by a Dutch (Windows) player in Jan 2015 Entered the top-100 end March 2015 for the first time


Main goals Have fun, stay strong and level up the alliance The rules (which can bend)

  • all nationalities are welcome, age doesn’t matter
  • 1 elite boost per week on Sat 18:00 CET
  • donate 50k or more
  • lvl70+, 3000 trophees (nice to have, donations are leading)
  • inactive players get kicked
  • anyone is free to go (all members can keep ‘allow for invitations’ active)

Come on and join us now, don’t waste your time reading any further!!!


You still want to know more?  

  • An inactive player who becomes active again could be reinvited Or can reinvite him/herself. Once there is room we’ll let you in again.
  • When the team is full, the weakest donator risks getting replaced by a better one This is how we try to level up a little bit faster
  • Donate as much and often as you can. It is good for the team and you’re part of it!
  • Do at least 3 fights/fiefdom in the alliance war, the alliance needs you! Chat
  • Chat as often or as little as you like
  • Do you want (me or a general) to invite your friend? Share the user name via chat. Chat gets cleaned up, so you may have to repeat it a few times until you get confirmation from a general
  • Did you defeat a player with a lot of gold, maybe an open base? Share the players name with the alliance, so more players can get easy loot. The alliance benefits with more trophies!
  • Did you test a defense? Tell how it can be improved. Good for the player and team Generals
  • The idea is to have +/- 5 generals in the team Generals can help recruiting new members Too many generals can cause some chaos How to become a general? There needs to be a vacancy (< 5 generals) Have a high rank in total donations Show interest in the role of general (chat) It can help to donate gold using real money English may be required to understand (my) chat messages/directions/questions What is expected from a general? Activate 1 elite boost per week on Sat 18:00 CET (if no-one else activated it in time) Invite new players, 50k+, until the team is full Demonstrate you want the alliance to grow When are generals degraded? Panic mode: An unknown general activates unexpected boosts, using too much alliance gold. An unknown general kicks out qualified members As a precaution generals can be degraded (for a while) Passivity: A passive general is of no use. Better a good soldier than a passive general