Dynamic reward tiers for Pro League

41st place in Pro League (51st now with 1 day 6 hours remaining), and the prize is 2 chests and 1,400 Crystals? It’s bad enough that they removed all competitive aspects of Pro League by introducing the Tiers, but they don’t even dynamically change the Tiers based on which event it is.

Do they even play their own game?


Ive already written this- Pro League need to be balanced, 99% of players got just 1 chest. I believe some people dont even play, they just participate to get guaranted chest. 0 points = 1 chest, 1140 points = 1 chest :wink:

I don’t mind having tougher Pro Leagues but OP is absolutely correct. It shouldn’t feel like we are getting punished because nobody from Flare seems to care enough to test to see what’s a good score in events and what isn’t. 

1650 = 2…

1900 = 10


what went wrong?

Same win-or-lose mentality as for the rest of ranked events (like ninja). You either win and get a bunch of rewards, or you don’t. No in-between.

Tiers should have equal gap

It’s not even that, it’s that the tiers aren’t adjusted for each league so it’s not even possible to reach maximum rewards depending on which pro league cup it is.

The prizes in boxes are the same food and pearls so … and you can encourage people who only join to have this one box.

1900 - 10 chests
1800 - 9 chests
1700 - 8 chests
1600 7 chests
1500 6 chests
1400 5 chests
1300 4 chests
1200 3 chests
1100 2 chests
1000-0 1 chest