Earning gems from raids - explanation needed.

So, in help (? mark ingame) i can find “How to earn free gems?” And it says i get gems, when somone uses scroll (for gems or pearls) or he uses resurection potion.

(sorry for the image being in polish, cant actually find a way to change ingame language, but you can search it yourself in help - isnt that hard to find)



So, i waited till some raid me, and found out he used scroll, or a potion:




But gems in the history still says “0”


So then i thought i had to win…:



But still it says 0 :slightly_frowning_face:


So… am i missing something? 


Possible answers:

  1. its not showing on those battle reports. This gem icon and 0 near it is for something else. I need to keep track of my gems myself.

  2. its bugged

  3. ??




It usually happens when there’s a huge difference between ranks. Not a bug, it works like that.


Today my poor little newbie voucher buddy (around 700 trophies, level 30) was so excited when someone scrolled on him,  but not a single gem was received.  Yes yes I know we ask a lot, but perhaps if you are super low, the algorithm should round it upwards to 1 gem, instead to 0   :slight_smile:

It is protection


Someone can start new game on other device, attack his own base, and “transfer” all gems from start package

Start new game again etc


so attacks from newbies do not recieve gems

My other account on a different phone (level 7) got attacked by a level 35 and they used a scroll, but no gems for me? That’s nearly 30 levels so that’s ridiculous that I got nothing. I only have another account to mess around with until I choose to transfer my account over but its just the principle that I should have got gems

it is to stop gem ploughing

Then they should find a way of seeking the gem cheats without ruining it for new players

Well, in the end, I finally got few gems for few fights, so i guess its all working alright :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for answers!