Easier money

Personally I think that I’m good for my level bet I still find it really annoying when people steal 1.5 million gold in just 12 hours.

I know how to make a good defensive  path but the only way is to use money.

Now I know that raiding is the only way to get money (apart from using taverns).

So I thought “Can’t they make an easier way to make money”

So I’m thinking can you add some quests into the game.

Liven it up make it easier to get money and gems as rewards.

So if it is possible can you not try and do something like that??


Anyone agree??

Have other quests in the storage that reward you with extra gold it’s questionable because i don’t see this big reward of gold after a drudgery but in first line…

…Here some tips:


  1. upgrade your farms and silo at max level (current 13), means that you can do more raids and so you can steal more gold;

  2. if you need gold for some upgrades, find the correct player that has lot of gold over 300k do not fight people with only 100k.;

  3. if you wear Gold boost on equipment you can get extra gold once you raid opponents;

  4. if you are in an alliance with high gold boost you can get an extra gold boost that is added with point 3);

  5. once you finish all the bread, start to activate the gold shield through the treasure chamber so you protect your gold while the farm recharge their bread and you can raid more times after the 3hr of protection (remember to go on-line before expires the 3hr );

  6. max 4 taverns can give you extra gold like 1.248.000 in 2 days but be sure that they do not keep them because taverns are not protected by gold shield so players may continue to steal there !

  7. you can check my video so you can make an idea on how you can steal a lot of gold: 



i hope this can help you a bit or probably you know already this things, but however certainly doesn’t hurt you re-hear them  :grinning:

The problem is that I loose to any player the game wants me to fight. I have 2100 rophies and my troops and speels I use are maxed out for the throne room lvl I have right now (7) but I cant get those 3mill for the next upgrade. I dont have sonic blast or bladestorm yet and higher bases are becomming harder and harder and almost impossible to kill. And I dont know what I can do better because low lvl players dont give enough gold.



I know exactly how you feel…I had to circumvent this issue by looking for people with really High amounts of gold, but are still somewhat doable.  If you got the alliance tower, It will tell you what level the other players are before you fight them.  This helps tremendously.  Second, try the strategy outlined above.  The one thing you should spend gems on, besides clearing ruins, are bread for silos, and gold shields.  I cannot stress how much good a one day gold shield at your level will help you get to 3 million.  Trust me, it can be done…!!!  This was the only way I could max out the throne room.  It maxes out at level 9.  Hope this helps.

remove defence, drop relics :slight_smile:

you’ll get easier opponents (but a bit cheaper)


That was the hardest stage of the game for me. Breaking all the blockades was tough when all of your cannons were wiped out at a choke point. Once you get Bladestorm and then upgrade to lvl 4, it becomes much easier and more fun.




  1. Join an alliance with elite cannons. They’re rarer for mid-level players, so you’ll have to search. Look for alliances on this forum that want players and may have elite boosts available.

  2. Play only low medal players who have high gold. Forget the Leagues.

  3. Use the 1 day gold shield.

  4. Farm from a “Favorites” player who has consistently high loot.

  5. Don’t fight except when you can get enough money to upgrade your spell tower or throne room.

Thank you really much for all your comments :slight_smile:

Free players

Yeah I am using hammerstrike lvl 10 firestorm lvl 7 and heal lvl 6 :slight_smile:


That’s where this comes into play!  


First of all, spend your gold before you log off o_0 Whether it’s on a Barricade, on a Wave, whatever, don’t leave any money there /too/ to be stolen.

Exactly! When you have like 1.5m gold, sooner or later somebody will attack you and steal 500k in 1 raid. 

However, if you don’t have much gold there, it can’t be stolen. 


Also check the permanent protection amount from your current treasure chamber level (at max this currently are 750k). You can always leave as much gold as the protection is. Just make sure not to leave way more gold than that! :grinning:



That title picture of your video is absolutely awesome! :wink: