I was doing my first run on the level XI of this currently Pro League and died right after destroying the first Heal Tower next to the Lightning Tower.
However I  got 0 points and 0 cristals added to my total score.

I got so angry and frustrated that I thought to myself “ZERO?! That is unnaceptable!” and clicked right on to try the level again.
In my second run I got even a little further and it showed me that I did 26% and my cristals and score were credited.

But it got me thinking, sometimes we complete 5-10% of a level and we already get some points and cristals, even if it is a very small amount. So during my first run I should have been credited a few of them. Because it scored zero, I lost 2 minutes of my time and now to do the level XII I only have 57 seconds and can not improve!

Unfortunately I did not thake a screenshot of the first run on level XI that wasted my time (because I was very frustrated thinking that I performed badly to get zero) and did not give me my points. All I want is my 2 minutes back so I can have time to at least try the last level and maybe win a few more cristals and points!

This is very upseting, wait a whole month for a ticket and then this bug/error occurs.

Can anyone please help me?? I think this was the one for me to get my bronze crown dammit =/

@GalaMorgane Can you please get back to me on this??