Easter Cup Bug on level X

At first attempt on level X I died in the start and got 13 points.

At second attempt I made it well pass bucky beast with 42% completion upon dying. The position of my king was then at the 2nd last corner before the gate. However, I did not get a single point. Normally, one should expect around 110 points at that stage. Anyone else experienced this before?

Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot verifying 42% completion, only a screenshot from the main window.


@GalaMorgane please help him, his ign is gozinator





This bugs spoils fun,and everything… please help him on it Flare… 

Hi…I need help to…my ally and I…have the same problem…i repeat league x (i made 26/419) and done 46/419…but nothing has changed…it show 26/419…my ally instead passed league V with 99% but it was not calculated…so he made it again…but the same problem appeared in league VII…please help him…his ign is : Ispanico. 

I made 5 boards. I did not gain anything, TIME LOST and the medals did not work.

And I did 100% - I’m sure because I do not skip anything!

Come on Flare help these guys. @GalaMorgane

This is ugly. Is there at least a chance that you still have time left you used on that 2nd attempt that game didn’t count ? Or your time is gone same like your score from 2nd attempt ?

Also try to contact support asap, maybe they will reply you today if you’re lucky.

My ally ispanico has few minutes left…so…his time is gone …:( 


Same here, I did stage IX of the ongoing Pro League and I lost all time & the game did not give any points or crystals despite 100% completion. Please fix this, @Archimedes

time from 1 approach has passed, like coins.
on the second try I made a few seconds to check +5 coins, but the time also disappeared.
at the moment I’m not doing it further, so as not to waste more time.

I lost all time. At first attempt I died after 37 sec and received 13 points. At my second attempt I reached the 2nd last corner and ran ahead with my king. In total, I did use 4m 52s on level X and despite 42% completion, I only received 13 points. Unfortunately I didn’t take a screenshot verifying 42% completion because I didn’t realize not getting any points until back in the main window.

I will wait using my remaining time.

I only got two stars despite clearing them 100%

Yeah, this is ugly bug and already looks like many players are affacted. Wonder how FG will handle this, they don’t have much time to fix this issue at all. I’m affraid that either they won’t help you at all and maybe will compensate it later with some pro chests or they will do something similar like in the past - in the last hour or so they will give +12 min to everyone, even those not affected. Either way sucks. Good luck to all of you with getting it fixed.

@GalaMorgane @flaretara @Archimedes This is a very annoying bug, please fix this ASAP As Possible 

I think everyone are on vacation so I don’t think this problem will be fix in time :slightly_frowning_face:

I got bug on challenge VIII and lost 8mins


Get everyone to first place, 15k crystals and 10 pro chests to everyone =D

Same thing happened with me on challenge VIII,  completed the level with 100% but no progress is shown and my time is gone [wasted] 

Very Sad. I have record some video about how Flare don’t care of the player right now. Easter Cup bug is the perfect example. You can tag Archimedes 1 millions time that was impressive how he don’t care. Useless like Nikko was. I have watch him. He is connected but don’t read nothing. after 35 minutes no answer,nothing. My video will be online tonight the time my others finish. You really need to watch my video. its priceless. Never have see that with a another company. Its stunning 


Bad luck guys,but today is a national holiday here in germany. It’s easter friday and monday is also a national holiday so they won’t be working from Friday till monday including those 2 days.