Easter Cup - What to do?

Those who had the specific issue of not receiving credit for making progress on levels in the pro-league should definitely send in a support ticket as @GalaMorgane suggests. Flare should investigate the issue and “make sure it won’t happen in the future.”

However, “it” is a non-specific word. Gala seems to think that “it” means this one problem players faced.

“It” to many is the varied but regular significant flaws in the game over weekends and holidays that are not addressed while they are happening because Flare does not employ staff on weekends and bank holidays.  This happens on average at least once a month, and each time the individual flaw is taken care of but the underlying problem – insisting on every war, event, ninja, pro league, festival crossing time when there is no technical or support staff scheduled – is ignored.

What to do? Staggered work schedules is an idea. Or have events start on Wednesday or Thursday so there are a couple days to correct things before everyone goes home.


I advise Flaregames to hire people from OpenBSD to fix bugs.

I had this problem, I believe that in the coming years is resolved

was rewarded, flare credited gems, 2 chests and 1 ticket 

It could be solved and would be better if you give us a bug free Easter Festival with a new pal Lucky  :-