Easter festival feedback thread

Our Easter festivities are in full swing - the Easter festival is running! ??? Claim festival chests and awesome rewards, such as new Pal Hans, lovely Easter skins and more! The Anubis skin is also obtainable now! (community contest winner)


Thought I’d open a thread here, in case you want to provide feedback! :slight_smile:



Yeah, thanks for giving a festival like this. However, it is bad for people, who are on Easter Holidays. Owe, but no problem for me. Great Thanks Madlen for running this festival.

Skins are Dope…

froster and pyros awesomely done.

Skull tower is like chocolate and candy tower now lol. I really like that.

Hans and fritz pal looks really good.


What is the point of skins?  I don’t see the point of struggling through hard Festivals so my witch can look witchier.

at least there are pal and guardian chests, but I would like to see at least some things that upgrade play rather than solely those that upgrade aesthetics. A balance would be better.

One of my friend said, if we buy the skin, we will get the pal. Is it true? @Madlen

There are some brilliant skins but the festival is so short that i will struggle to get anything…

Another suggestion: Can you please stop picking bases that have gate towers?

It’s annoying as hell, not being able to get that 3rd crown, thus taking longer to get the daily chest.

That strategy should be abolished, or at least make it 50/50… because it seems the algorithm only picks those -.-’

Nope, sorry.

Many people like skins to freshen up the look of their defense :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hmm, not sure, if this is likely to be done. But thanks for the feedback! But what about using Sultan for these bases. He doesn’t do any damage against the gate, so he will destroy those towers with easssseee. ?


Nope, sorry.


Ok thanks for the suggestion, looks like a cool event.

Good work! You did a good job :slight_smile:

@Madlen sorry for.tsgging you. Did not want to quote whole post.

I find the tokens mild improvements, but since they require a fixed time it means you have to set aside space to play rather than picking up your phone, doing a raid, going back to what you are doing.

RR2 has always seemed better as an aside, a distraction, rather than an hour long binge. Most tokens that accomplish anything I need are 1 hour and so you have to binge to benefit.

i prefer upgrades that are available when i have a couple minutes on the train or while waiting for a meeting rather than ones that require constant scheduled attention. 

This comment is an indication that festivals are too difficult for their benefits. If people are just trying to get through – get that 3rd crown – so they can get to 15 sooner and stop playing then they are not having fun. And this should be fun.

Gate Towers are welcome in festivals: you have to consider players who need to upgrade units, spells, towers, obstacles, waves, farms, taverns, sylos, throne room, gate and other buildings.

Gate tower = more battles to reach 15 crowns = more gold and medals = more upgrades.

Moreover, we spend gold when we melt down an item.

Maybes you should use festival to practise 100% raid with war gear, since you won’t get any penalty for losing battles.


Hence, you get to use your war gear, and use combo that is necessary for 100%, even if it is weaker than your usual combo.


No one will also know you failed the raids from practice since it’s a festival. It’s really a good training ground.

I don’t think this should keep being an excuse to have more battles.

Maybe you didn’t realize it, but we’re not getting as much gold as before.

I remember getting always +800k gold on some festivals a few months ago, but now most of the fights give +400k instead ( it’s less 50%!).

Perhaps festivals may be indeed a good option for practice… but that goes against my point.

What I meant was that I’d have to fight more to get the 15 crowns.

If I do that, it will take me much longer.

I’d rather test some friend/alliance mate bases than doing that.

Thanks for the tip though.

I hate the festivals…taking forever to get a chest…and the ***** skins…dont get me started about those…and for the tokens…we cant use them in ninja or war anymore…sad.

Festivals have become a pain in the xxx …and no longer worth the affort.

I just got the pyromancer skin!

This festival is terrible! The skins are cool, but I got less than 400 currency in my chests, each, not combined. For a 5 day festival that is freaking ridiculous. 

Here’s some honest feedback:

  • The event is “nice”, as per usual, but there are a couple of very irritating things about it.
  • Too many rewards for how long the Festival lasts (5 days); it’s obvious you want to encourage people to buy Gems in order to buy Festival Chests, but honestly the # of rewards assigned for a mere 5 days of the Festival’s duration feels like an insult. When I look at all those rewards and the 5 days to get them, it screams to me: “Look at all those things you won’t be able to get!”
  • No idea what the Vanity Token does exactly and its description isn’t clear at all.
  • You should never introduce this many Skins in such a short Festival ever again, because really there is no way to get even half of them without spending Gems. There should’ve been half of the Skins there, with the other half saved for the next Event, because otherwise the people who want to gather them all will be feeling like they’ve missed out and are left with no idea of when they will become available again (you will probably have to add Skins to the Store for direct purchase soon enough if this keeps up).
  • The " base-picking" algorithm is rather unfriendly, but that’s how its been forever now. As someone who’s only recently managed to consistently get into the 4.700 Trophy zone for the Ninja Event, having to deal with 4.700-5000 Trophy bases in the Festival is not great at all. Reduce the percentage chance for heavily-bosted bases to be picked for the festival or at least guarantee that, as soon as we close the game and log back in again, the current Festival Base will be forcibly changed at random again. Right now, in order to change the Festival Base, you need to log out and stay logged out for like an hour or so before the game decides to roll a new Base for you, which is just a waste of time.
  • Festival Events used to last at least 7 days , I remember them lasting perhaps even something like 9 days, if memory serves, but for like half a year now, you’ve consciously reduced that time to 5 days. I hope your data does indeed show that you get more revenue that way, but jesus you really ought to go back to 7 days again and just adjust the prices instead to keep the revenue the same, because 5 days really is too little. Either this or you should increase the average # of Festival Currency obtained from the Festival Chest per ‘pop’, because opening a Festival Chests with 5 ‘pops’ of Eggs the value of like ‘40’ feels really crappy (e.g. 40, 40, 60, 40, 200 Eggs from one Chest). Basically what @AwesomestKnightest has said, you shouldn’t allow for a Festival Chest to give out a total of less than 500 Festival Currency. Keep the RNG element there, fine, but increase the ‘lowest amount of festival currency’ obtained from a single Festival Chest.

The ‘normal’ priority of what people generally want to get out of a Festival, especially if completely new items are introduced, like the Pal Hans is this time around, goes something like this:

  • Completely new item first (e.g. Hans).
  • Either Tokens or Skins, depending on who prefers what.
  • However, due to Hans being a completely new Pal and him being ‘somewhat’ of a mandatory pick up as this Festivals’ reward, you need to automatically deduct its Festival Currency cost from people’s overall currency pool, meaning that the majority of players will already have -2,200 Eggs less to spend on rewards other than Hans.

Lastly, and this is strictly personal taste, I don’t think the Necromancer’s skin is worth the asking price. As much as ‘thicc thighs save lives’, I don’t find it nearly attractive/good looking enough to warrant spending the whole 4.200 Eggs on the skin. Both Werewolf and the Necromancer are the least attractive skins here (not distinct/awesome enough) in my mind, so I’m just skipping them.

So i am cool with it, but the big problem are the prizes. way to hard to get them - never was a problem with the old festivals beacuse it was just equip obtainable in uber chests later on.

now for everyone who likes the skins you have to choose 1 of them (in fact its not sure to reach the higehst prices) and the other ones may be gone for a long time ? hope flareteam adds some ways to get these skins in later festivals frequently or really should less focus on implementing so many skins for obstacles, towers, untis, pals and even a new pal itself - thats not doable and only very few are willing to buy just nice to have and good looking skins for gems…

thats a problem in all events but never have there been so many cool items before that you wont get by playing and just by paying. hope the flareteam comes up with a good solution


im ok with 1 price a festival but i dont want the other ones to be gone (and just bringen them back and new festivals is also not a solution: when there are 5 new skin-items every festival and you normally can afford one of them then it doesnt matter if they just come back in the next festival since then you’d have 9 “new” items and only 1 to purchase) 

would be sad thing to have so many cool new skins ingame and nearly noone has them to show the work you know :grinning: