Easter festival feedback thread

Vanity token will give you a vanity hero setup slot in your Throne Room. You can choose one of your setups and change the appearance of the items in any way you want. The stats of the items stay the same. It’s just a visual change. For example: if you have 9 pieces of random equipment and you really like the look of the new Sanzu set when it’s all together. You can use a Vanity Token to make your hero look like the Sanzu Set for 7 days :slight_smile: . Hope this helps

That explains it perfectly, thanks AwesomestKnight.

I got all available chests and received only eggs, no items. 

Did anyone one get a skin, pal or token in a chest?


Nope, these chests don’t give anything besides currency.

At least I always only won currency since the 1st Royal Festival event.

Perhaps it may be different if you buy the chests with gems though?

It’s not possible to get anything else, it’s 100% currency… you can see it when you click on the “i” ((info), you can see it on the chest that you can buy with gems, probability: 100%).

People struggle to get 3 crowns not because their skills at towergating suck (at least it’s not the only reason), but because they’re probably higher tier than they should be because ninja. We know full well how this works: ninja event is easy so you can pretty safely push your ranking a little for better rewards, and thus the festival catches you in the land of the sharks, providing appropriate maps.

And, as hard as it may be to imagine, some people don’t have the time to bother with trophy surfing, it takes far too long to do ninja AND 6+ festival raids. I’ve usually aimed for two crowns in festivals deliberately, to pull more gold per day, but now I just want to get it over with as quickly as possible, which is quite difficult in these circumstances. Yeah, festivals aren’t fun anymore, but maybe for different reasons.

The rewards at the Easter event were very nice, but there were too many.

With the 7 boxes you could earn you get between 4000 - 5000 eggs.

That’s enough for max.1-2 event rewards (Pal, Skins), other eggs can be changed to tokens.

I bought 5 more boxes and i could reach ->10400 eggs, then I could buy a Pal and 2 skins and tokens.

This time there were a lot of units and building skins… it is too expensive for many people to buy everything, now my questions:


@Madlen Will the skins come again in next festvals? Or do we always get new skins?

Skins - Great! Some of them look really nice and some players really like the skins.

Tokens - There are new Tokens and they seem pretty cool in general.

Fenix Token: unfortunately, the game forces you to use up the token upon your 1st death. I would like the option between either using the Token or pay the 36 gems to revive;

Vanity Token: that’s a good Token for those that care about the appearance of the Hero. 1 week duration is good;

Insta troops Token: probably useful during wars, but a bit expensive.

Pals - Finally we have pals again in the Festival! And one of them was a new one. Great!

Fights - Festival fights have been notoriously easier than they were in the past (5300-5400 trophy range), but the downside of this is that we’re getting less gold per fight as well. I used to get a minimum of 600-700-800k gold (pre-battle screen) per fight, while now the majority of Festival fights are not even worth 500k.

Prices - I liked them. The main item (Hans) had a low enough price (2200) that guaranteed everyone would be able to get it and then get something else (even a few tokens).

Amount of items (mostly skins) for sale - This is clearly aimed at “rich” players, giving them a lot of options (mostly skins) to spend their gems on. They get something to spend their gems and Flare benefits from it as well. It’s a win-win. ?


However, I must point out again that the Medal Token is still wildly unbalanced. 100% medal boost for 3 full days is too strong and has a severe impact on leagues. Their duration OR medal boost% should be heavily adjusted (reduced), to the point where they are still pretty useful, but not almost mandatory to compete against someone using one.

For a change of pace, I fully agree :wink:

Medal token could be used as a secret weapon for a final push for example. Make it valid for a shorter time. 3 days pretty much makes it mandatory for everyone competing, and thus it is as if no one used a token to begin with.

The skins were great and beautiful when applied on units and tower. Also (and I speak for myself) the Fenix token was a musthave so I took all of them. The minor aspect of this token is that we are forced to use them when we die in a battle. IMO it would be better if we could either choose to spend gems to revive or to use a Fenix token. 

What I disliked the most was that there were too many good stuff to get while we couldn’t win enough easter eggs to buy them. I bet free players were dissappointed about this. 

I enjoy the festivals and love the gold and medals I am able to earn. The skins were a refreshing change to my units and the tokens were good. I personally spent gems to get the skins I wanted but do not believe you should feel forced into it.

The negative points are that there are so many skins and tokens and the currency you earn from the chests is enough for one higher priced item. I miss the items that you could find in your chests or use the currency to buy them and would prefer a mix of skins, tokens and items.

If it was similar to the pro shop where all the items, skins and tokens were on offer all the time then you would know that next festival you could save for your second choice. Is there any thought given to rolling the leftover currency to the next festival so you could save for higher priced purchases.

I also think that there should be a chance to win any item from the current festival in the fchest

Yes, you should be able to win skins/tokens/prizes directly from the festival chests just like how you could win items directly from the festival chests when equipment is offered in a festival.

Thanks for the valuable feedback guys! Keep it going!?


Apparently I’ve seen the usage of Phoenix Token does not grant gems to the defender. I think that’s kind of hard on the defender ?.

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