Easter Festival issue

Hi Team, 

I am facing issues getting full gold reward as shown before battle and gold bonus as per Armour boost. I have gold boost of 90% but after completing battle it is not calculating that either. I have shared screenshots and video for reference. This happened with all my battles in festival. Please fix this and get me the balance gold.

Game Name: King Hi10

Device: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8

OS: Android


The gold amount what is showing before fight is based on your hero’s gear…shift between hero’s and you wil see different amount of gold…only the allie bonus doesnt show in that amount…so what you see is what you get+ allie bonus

Another issue with the festival is getting 400 currency in a chest, I mean, why? Its already a 5 day event, and now its immpossible to get the sick new froster or pyro skins without spending gems? Whyd you do that, flare?


Opened two chests yesterday and got currencies in number 46,49,45,48,110,44. Bad experience for me too…