Easy Fix and Big Improvement

I have 3 ideas that I think would be easy to implement and would go a long way in game play.

  1. War map, have the 3 initial fiefdoms be randomly placed rather than together, thus massively reducing the issue of advantages based on initial placement luck.

  2. Continue the great improvements on equipment slots by adding default spells and units to them. At the battle page, allow selection of A, B, C, etc. This would also encourage people to purchase the Pro-League subscription.

  3. Reduce perk cooldowns significantly. At higher levels, players are unlikely to switch their main combos because of the time, sometimes over a year, invested in perking their primary spells and units. I imagine players are likely to quit rather than consider changing to an alternative combination.


tl;dr version, I likely just recommended stuff others have already recommended. 

Never hurts to reiterate :slight_smile:

i agree, perk cooldown of 7-8 days is stupid. If you have to build few new thing in your base you’re screwed because you’ll take years before reaching some consistent forgings.

Construction/upgrade times of 7 days are stupid too, though forging taking this long is probably stupider as you’re making a lot more forges before you max things than when you upgrade crap.

Just due to those absurd long cool down times it’s not logical to build new towers. They are not very useful without forges. So we need to bring a tower to the level where it can be forged and then start forging while it’s upgrading to max. First few forges can be done already, but after a few forges max cool down time is already reached and at that moment the tower is still far from being good. 

I understand the idea of cool down, but the first 15-30 forges should need less time. I know the answer from flare, buy the subscription that lowers cool down times. 

Exact would be the typical answer from them.

It ‘only’ costs $99.99 per month (Kingdom subscription) to speed them up. 

Now let’s see. Kingdom subscription gives:

  • Upgrade times 50% reduced -> I maxed everything except waves. I need to do a few upgrades, don’t need reduction for that
  • Permanent production boosts -> I seldom boost production. Only during blacksmith I need it and a video for free is enough to activate the boost
  • Permanent gold shield -> I even don’t remember when I used the last 3 hour free shield. I don’t need it at all, I nowadays leave a lot of gold unprotected.
  • Forging Cooldowns 50% reduced -> This would be great, but not for $99.99 per month.

I miss digging time reduction in dungeons. Those digging times are ridiculous. For the record, I need around 3 days before I reach Shape Shifter V (The old dungeons). Then I still need to dig (and raid) towards other dungeons. With 10+ dungeons to go with lowest 17 days to dig, I bet it costs me more than half a year to get there (if I am able to beat those levels directly as soon as available without constant scrolling!). 

Back on topic, Forging cooldowns should be reduced a lot without needing such a subscription. To be honest, each stat needs to be forged 25+ times at least and with 3 stats to go, it takes around 1.5 years before we reach that with cooldown periods of 7+ days. That’s totally unacceptable.

I would change forging and make it not dependant of total forges per item, I would make it dependant of number of forges on a stat. 

I never understood why the total number of forges on something determines pearls and time of forging next time. Say a tower has stat A,B and C. I forge stat A and pearls plus cooldown time go up. But why I need to pay more pearls while trying to forge stat B for the first time? Make cooldown plus required pearls dependant of forges on a stat. By doing so, we could first focus on forging all stats somewhat equally upwards, till max forge and pearls are reached. This would speed up forging perks.