Easy forging steps

Hi OR members and @CaptainMorgan ,

I would like the Dev’s to have this feature implemented asap, possible in the coming update itself.

I have been playing for over 3 years now, and now item slots are near 500. It is becoming harder each day to scroll right and select a 1* item at each step for dismantle… What I suggest here is, the feature to add multiple items to the forge cycle in a single screen.

Scenario: Choose an item (1* Green) -> Forge -> window with items appears -> choose no. of items (1/2/3/4 with different * values) -> okay -> final screen for confirmation with total estimate time and cost -> okay -> forge starts. :smiley:

Give a window where we choose 4 items for dismantle and the items final value is posted in same window instead of 1 item at a time… Cumulatively give the total cost (gold\books) and total time… This being done, will save a lot of time, which is being wasted in scrolling right to reach the 1* item.

2nd feature:

A possible 5X for auto-play would be nice… Most of the current set of players are all above lvl: 140+ and have good AP heroes… More grind, we loose interest in playing as its kinda a big pain in the … . I play manual only when I see top 100 players(Very rare) else mostly its manual… Please check out the possibility of AP… By default: put AP to 2X and not double tap to 2X…

It would be nice to see the maximum capacity of the forge.

when you have 650 slot, another one would cost 1000 gems. it is so high because it is not recommended to have so many slots and items as it would have a bad influence on the stability of your account.
this is what i was told when i reached 650 slots and noticed the huge increase of costs.
i also get grafical issues when i get close to the 650 items again and need to restart my device to solve this.

see also:

for this purpose it is necessary to make visible the capacity of the forge, rather than opening 15-16 chests and think whether there is enough space or something needs to be forged urgently)

do you mean your actual items and slots you have? this can be seen in the items store on the right lower side.
e.g. 642/650 … left your actual amount, right the slots you have bought. (see edit)

i agree that it is not visible that having more then 650 items/slots is not recommended but it should.

edit: e.g. after using the the link above and scroll up you see a picture.
but i marked the numbers of your interest here now also. your welcome.

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Illidan Vishnu you are gracious. Olympus Rising has been designed as a standalone laptop game for a solitaire mindbreaking his own cleverness on the edges of violence. Actually it is not a game because games support basic multiplayer interactions. It is an evolved turn based universe such as these promoted on the first yahoo site around 1998. But is also a first person shooter translated into a third person action view. Only is missing the team gameplay and the chat. Anyway is a CounterStrike with more time dedicated your own war preparations. We can call it an echo of a multiplayer violent game this time played from a standalone position. And it goes just fine with the evolution of laptops market up to the year Olympus Rising arrived on Android. Of course on Android is much easier to have the whole view of the INVENTORY. Android flash memory would support this much easier than any poorly RAMmed laptop. Without the effect of hallting broadcast connections. Without porting your account into someone else’s hands. And so on. Yes Android works fine with huge libraries. But the game was developed many years ago and I am not sure its developers are still alive. And because on laptops the category based inventory was a very innovative workout and still is, because on Android only the big whole inventory works better and because developers are not anymore then we can hope in making a serial forge. I believe this has been anticipated by programmers and there will be no great work around inlaying a multiplier factor x2 x3 x4. But It is better recommended to input a Search Box function. So if you’re trying to dismantle X:Y vaues item then the item will just be placed in forge box with no further efforts. Problem is developers tried to protect the inventory from hackers and disallowed end user INPUTS within the inventory frames. And this is why we do not have a search box which would have been recommended even for laptops. So by inlaying your selected values you reveal your personal metadata Vishnu. And then I think once again and say the whole view of the inventory would be better for Android or iOS. But the problem is iOS has problems with libraries. And often workout into a bit of lag. Anyway you can try to sandbox your inventory in some driver external application. Then go to that application and reorganize your inventory view and work offline as much as you want with your items. Then return to the game and SAVE DATA. So who is gonna make an external application? Years ago this was not hard. Actually all IT companies were just starting and everyone was working hard. But today everyone fishes… when not sleeping :smile:. Lets call it OLYMPUS RISING FORGE 2020. You must give several android permissions to serve you. IAnd if you wont return with more items than you have had then is ok.It can serve also for buying from Olympus Rising stores.

I joined the game this week :smile:

:laughing: certainly there is such a thing. I’ve never noticed before :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I think is easier to “simulate” the forging steps by using an external application. And then when finished and our equipment is finally forged, we can upload the simulation data onto the game server. And within a few hours or less the new equipment will be available on the true game server.