Edit: Statue resistance will be %75. Thx CaptainMorgan for recosidering your decision and for making nerf smooth ???

I do not like next update, version 4.03 i mean… 

Because building a good statue is one of our main topic in our group. And not much thing left to discuss… 

I wonder what happens, if we do not make the update. If we Protest it. Can we join game or not? Personally i will not make and see what happens… 


nice idea and I fully agree that nerfing statues - especially now with many other things to fix first - was a bad move again by FG, but you will not be able to login with an old version once 4.0.3 is out.

whats the deal with the golden statue that was in the teaser trailer and the promo shot in the updates forum?

Did this just get scrapped from the update at the last minute?

Here’s the answer:


Maybe the Golden Capped Statue means competition to Captain Morgan? ?

Most probably new version might give golden Aura to Ancient Defenders ?

Like in Dark Souls? ?

@Tomaxo  I imagine tomaxo is the community manager of OR/. ?Would be super cool ?‍♂️

Hey do you play dark souls ?

I’m just wondering why they used that in the promotional video and the official announcement, but it didnt make it to the update.

Haha! Actually Tara asked me if I could come to meet her and the team at Gamescom in Cologne last year… I could’t go because I was busy renovating my house. Who knows, maybe one day. ?

Too bad for us as I wanted someone who plays Olympus Rising with Passion to be our community manager.

Do any one fell statue weaker than before ? I’m not.

Even the physical resist is limited to 75%,but all other resist is enhanced,like 90%*50% =45% => 90%*83%=75%, about 50% element damage was reduced than before. I checked with my heroes,  most of them still impossible to take statue down.  And Artemis is working well before, but now she need 1 time more.My statue just normal strong statue in lvl 131!!!

FG wanted to use 45% as cap, the crowed insisted to make smaller steps, now we have 75%. Together with the change that the statue’s resistances are now 83% instead of 50% of normal heroes stats the result is that statues are still very strong, maybe even stronger than before. Now we should share our experiences and then suggest further changes, as announced by @CaptainMorgan.

(btw, imo statues should remain a challenge since defenses are not challenge at all. That will probably change when war blessings will be active)