✌️Edited: Sharing media at forum not painfull now. GalaMorgane increased 5mb???

@GalaMorgane Sharing media at forum hard and painfull. Media size must be low, but our game screenshots are something like 5mb.When i am trying to share a screenshot at forum, first i have to  resize it, crop it, decrease the qualiy for making ready for upload.  Is there way to make this process easy? Is it possible the game forum do it for us? Or something else? (This will clearly boost our forum)


Edit  " File resizer" app for android gives option to multiple photo  selections and decrease image bytes quickly… 

Hey there,

I know it can be a bit of a pain but most of the time, forums do have strict requirements for medias so like that loading time is not crazy and people can venture into threads with ease.

I cannot direct you to any other program, but I’m sure you can easily find an app that would do just what you want somewhere


Thx for your reply Gala. I play game at my phone. I use a studio programme to fit the images. It maybe easy for pc players. But at mobile it is hard:( But i understand your suggestion and search for a simple app to do it faster for me :slight_smile:

I found an app named “photo resizer” for android, it allows for multiple choose photos and selecting %25 resize, quickly decrease file bytes for fitting the forum. 

I think I looked into it for IOS and it either happened to be full of required mictrotransactions or for some other reason was not compatible with my requirements. Good that it works for you, I am stack with using my crap drawing app that utterly messes up the aspect ratios.

More pictures would make this forum a lot more interesting and fun, I think. It might be worth looking into tweaking the limitations.

We did so already. We bumped it to 5MB per item now.


Many thanks Gala;)