Element (Ice/Fire/Poison) vs. Raw Power (Normal/Blunt)

Which would actually do more damage between these types of weapons?

Continuous damage/effect (Element) or instant heavy outputs of damage(Raw)

You can choose the path of pain hard and raw using normal and blunt damage or long and insensitive using ice, fire, poison.

About Ice, Fire, Poison:

Ice: Excellent for each situation (slowdown enemies, slowdown troops, slowdown everything!) People that choose ice, choose more for its slowdown rather than ice damage;

Fire: Good against starter structures (arrow towers, barricades), but then become a bit unusual use it;

Poison: The worst thing is Poison, it doesn’t  do anything as poison damage and also if you try on troops that suffer of poison damage, you don’t see this changes.


About Normal, Blunt:

Normal: Yes it’s good but it’s like fighting with 2 swords with same Normal damage each… means it doesn’t hurt extra damage but only as i said.

Blunt: A good option is Blunt damage on your sword, it’s pretty effective on various type of structures !


To sum up i prefer Ice or Blunt  !  :slight_smile:

P.S.: Each element depend on which tactics you want to use and in what type of base you often find or raid.

Oh, cool!

Thank you for the summarization of everything :wink:

Now I have to do some re=ordering with my weapons, haha