Eleusis of Nemesis

Hey victims!

Eleusis of Nemesis is recruiting active warriors to perform all sorts of atrocities and bloodshed! Granted this is a remake of our previous team, ** ΝΕΜΕΣΙΣ (Been as far as top 50+ with just under 30 members and few buffs), we have gotten pretty d&!n good at it. And we are keen to share the knowledge. One day. Maybe.**

As you might have guessed, we are the unusual competitive, goal driven and team-oriented group of unlike-minded individuals seeking slaves acolytes partners… Boring! Join us and see for yourself.

Amongst the things we offer are:

  • ALL of the buffs pre-payed for 160 days except minotaurs and hydra. Because reasons.
  • Almost all of the War buffs granted we get those (usually the case).
  • Discord server with newsbot, eng and greek chats and a bunch of other stuff.
  • Tips, help and the good old school chat, for it surely feels crap to wreak havoc in lonesome silence.
  • A significant number of players that speak English, Greek or both. A minor number of players capable of communicating in Spanish, Russian, Indian and a couple of other languages… No matter what kind of gibberish your agonizing victim is screaming - we can translate it.

Amongst the things we demand are:

  • Participation in wars. We understand the nature of “Angry wife” and “Family” phenomenon, as well as sh1t having an occasional slight tendency to happen and there can be exceptions here and there, but if you cant afford it most of the time - don’t bother.
  • Active communication. We WANT to know how you are doing and, during wars that is, what you are doing. We value teamwork and would like new members to share this feeling, as such principles are key to fighting well. In order for this to happen, we require our members to install discord app, which use for the aforementioned reasons.
  • Constant progress. Yet again, we understand that there are real things to interfere, but expect our members to show some progress. For when you are not moving forward, your foe does.
  • 75k Hall of Uranus minimum. The eternal war is a costly initiative and we expect everyone to have a fair share of it.

Some concrete stats to give you a better picture of what we are:

40 Player Slots

233623 Trophies

35th Level

35 Torches

Do not hesitate to contact me via personal message, reply directly in this topic, or find me in Line (b4ckd00r) or discord (Infamous#9507), should you have questions! Should you be willing to join, all the aforementioned means of communication apply with the addition of searching “Eleusis of Nemesis” (No quotation marks though) in game instead. Happy violence everyone and hope to see you in our ranks!


P.s. We are recruiting unless it is stated otherwise, so ignore us being full (In most cases we have enough gold to level up immediately)



Although this seems like a basic copy and paste of my Nemesis thread (Indeed it is) there are some important additions:

1) We have almost all of the buffs now. Prolonged for 160 days. So that’s guaranteed from now on

2) We have 23 trophies. Meaning easy wars, where we seamlessly steamroll the unlucky plebs on our way to the top. We can guarantee you a 4 war prize, war buffs and, well, the feeling of being omnipotent. The offer is valid till we hit ~50 trophies.

3) Given 2), we have also removed our level restrictions and would gladly welcome active newcomers. We don’t mind investing in loyal members, except there would be certain expectations too. More on that is available through pm.

4) Most of us have progressed far enough to offer proper training for any noobs, nabs, VLIQs and “special” ones. So, should that be required, we can cut your hands out of your ar$e and put them in the position intended by nature. This is only valid for those capable of communication



Salutations immolations!

To begin with, allow me to offer you an important announcement: BUMP!

Now, with this out of the way, allow me to proceed with my usual style of delivering rather inept and dismal information. Long story short, like we have promised a few months ago, we have absolutely trounced any opposition on our way to the top. Obviously no honor in fighting kitten with Vulcan machineguns, yet I would mention it regardless. Because low self-esteem. 

In all due seriousness though, we are looking for something along the lines of 3-4 decent thugs warriors that would fit our crew of erudite massacrers. While we have been rather quiet for the past few months, bored by the easiness of progression, there is a genuine hope to revivify our previous level of activity as soon as the 4.0 hits. Obviously, having 40 vocable individuals would be rather interesting.

Hope you all lose 15 trophies every other hour,