elite boost activated

So I have elite boost. But I can’t use it. Is it only the leader that can activate it. (Obviously if I pay I can) Is this another useless feature?


I thought I would be able to buy the temporary upgrades with my own gold. Pfff


Is there any leaders that can tell me what they can do?

I’m not a leader but boost is activated but seems like it will need extra donation (read : real money/cash) to prolong the activation time


Edit : to prolong we would need to donate gold as usual , leader will prolong the boost using donation gold.If members want to prolong , most likely it will require extra donation.

Ok, I think I’ve got the hang of this. So depending on your alliance level, thats what upgrades are available to you. I think they are purchased by the alliance leader with overall donated gold.


Pros: I may have underestimated you guys, this certainly brings a versatility of gameplay, There needs to be a lot more variations though.


Cons: It is a scheme that will enable the rich to stay rich. Because they will have 24/7 prolonged everything (not sure if cooldown exists) It reeks of money making, People in smaller alliances will never upgrade enough to get some of these unlocks.

Wow, I understand now, 50% boost on arrow towers Making them as strong as max firebolts and deal poison damage. For 24hrs Certainly competitive in the short term anyways.


And 34% on the max barricade just as powerful as blockade. Very impressed, just when I was starting to doubt you guys. Lets see what else…


I like the lights around the elite boosted things goes well with christmas theme. Tried to raid my own base, I got my ass kicked.


Seems like there is a lot more defensive dps than attack at the moment. So it’s harder for me to raid. Before elite boost was activated I was farming this guy, Now I’m dying in there. Maybe it will balance out when all the troops are maxed again.

It is for everyone in the alliance. The higher upgraded your alliance is, the more elite boost are available to you. each boost can vary and last for a diiferent amount of time.


While these elite boost are on I can’t beat anyone I could before. Defence seems to be greater than attack and im not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Short term it’s bad for me.


These things might be as good as a gold shield.

Non of the elite boost is worth the gold for me sadly , would rather max the alliance first then think about the boost later.500k for extra 4 hours of storm cannon , way too expensive unless we can make seperate donation for boost.

I wonder if they can change the elite boost just from their servers, so that every week or two they could have 8 different elite boosts. That would keep things fresh and allow for different strategies.


Like you said its not worth it to you and some are out of reach of others. If it stays like this people will adapt a little but it will mainly stay the same.


Lets say they could change them from the servers it would make sense to have everything upgraded (even towers/troops deemed useless) but when you sprinkle a little elite boost on them. They become the strongest in the game for a short period.

Elite boost has been deactivated. Since maintenance, is this for everyone?

Yes , I think cuz some people complaint about crash after elite boost update

well some ppl i my alliance has already spent money on prolonging the timer, so a refund ? compensation?

What is cannon’s buff for “storm cannon”? The update isn’t out where I live yet…  :slightly_frowning_face:

elite boost looks deactivated . comon flare . your making yourself the laugh of the day here . epic fail on this one

What epic fail?  :huh:

What does the range bomber do, I can guess obviously “range” but like the archers have different types of stats like health boost and blunt damage. The same question for the raging wolf.???


So I’m really struggling since elite boost it’s certainly made me weaker and I’ve fell down the ranks, what I don’t get though is why. It was already very difficult to get up at the top. And the people at the top would be forever increasing in castle gaurd points, keeping them months ahead. Throwing the new update into the equation and it’s even harder.


Even now, it’s added a month or two of upgrades to my troops, which can be purchased from the start. So if and when I get there are you just going to nerf the stats and add another level. Rinse and repeat right. Keeping me from progressing.


I’m not sure what your intentions are, do you want me to not play as a free player, which creates ~95% of your traffic or what about the people that do invest a little money you’re still doing them a disjustice.


Am I missing something? How does the update benefit everyone?

How is that a fail? You as a soldier should not be allowed to spend your alliance’s gold. If you have a bad alliance leader, go join another alliance.

There really needs to be some improvements here. Right now the alliance members don’t really have a voice. There’s no way for them to vote on what boosts they want (or if they prefer to save guild for leveling up the alliance). There’s no way for alliance members to leave offline messages or have meaningful discussions. About the only option is for the leader to change the MOTD to say something like “everyone be online at 4pm GMT” and hope for the best. Otherwise it’s really just the leader enjoying lots of free play money from the alliance members.

Yes there needs to be co-leaders in the alliances or generals. Elite boost why very powerful shouldn’t be focused on until you have a large alliance as when you are using the boosts your alliance will probably never level up again