elite boost activated

I think we should be able to activate them with our own gold.


I still think they need a lot more elite boosting options, the archer boost literally makes the arblaster useless.


You could have a boost for every troop but to balance it you could have archers for 12 hours or arbs for 6 hours for the same cost.


Please flare add a bread boosting option. Don’t just let it revolve around troops.

Was excited about the elite boost. Not so much now. I’m willing to invest in gems at times to strenghten my kingdom and advance my alliance. Very dissapointed that we have to purchase the elite boost. willing to use my gold to activate the boost. not willing to spend real money in doing so. Please find another way to activate the elite boost.

agree, plus ist way much too expensive

just a question. I am trying to activae the cannon and pay around 500k for 6 hours but it shows that I have to pay 2$ to activate for the rest of the alliance and there is no option to activate it even only for me


so do I have to pay real cash to activate it?

Yes it works with cash only, except you are alliance leader they can use alliance Gold for activation.

I guess (except a chance to make money for flare) the reason might be to prevent a player from activating boosts with alliance gold without consense / permission from the leader.

Imagine someone joins your alliance and spends all the hard earned alliance money to activate some boost at a time where all others are sleeping - you wouldn’t want that to happen. Thus, others can pay for it on their own, and only leader can use the alliance money.

I have an Alliance and didn’t know about this until today. I thought once I activated the boosts, everyone in the Alliance can use them without having to spend real money.

I find it a BAD choice from Flare that it is only me, as leader, can activate the boosts without spending real money.

Since I found this out I feel responsible to activate boosts, but it will cost me gold everytime I activate it…and I want to save my gold for other upgrades :frowning:


Also I find the amount of gold it costs, compared to what you get is really not in balance. Only 6 hrs for battling and 12 hrs for defend.

It isn’t supposed to be easy or even for everyone. But let me make a calculation. If you have an alliance with 30 members and each of them donate 100k a day, you make 3 million of gold by no money donations a day. With this 3 million you easily can keep one or two elite boosts a day active and upgrade your alliance at the same time. This may seem far-fetched for now, but realize that the top players need a challenge too.

Oh…I thought it costs me my ‘private’ gold, not gold from everyone in the Alliance?

I obviously have to check it out.


I think it would be handy if there is a users manual added with the features.

If you, as a leader, start an elite boosts, you are using the money that all of your members donated over the past few days/weeks, unfortunately not your own money :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I really didn’t know it was the gold of all of us, I only started a boost one time and never checked if I lost gold after the start, I just assumed it would be mine.


So if I use them, it means we can level up slower…hm, thats not what I like haha…

But that is exactly what it is, Royal Dutchies.

Levelling up vs spending gold on elite boosts… commonly, level up first to increase the number of alliance members that can profit from an activated boost as well as donate gold to get it.

Also each new boost / new lvl for existing boost requires a certain alliance lvl to unlock, so again, levelling up can help.

One thing Sn1kt mentioned in one of his videos if I recall correctly, is that the cost for activating a boost rises with alliance level or count of members. Not sure though, if the scaling is linear or not.

Does anyone know how much overall gold you need to put in to reach an individual alliance level? (roughly)


Example; upto level 5 cost 1 million donated

                       level 10 cost 5 million

                                15 =  10 mil

                                 20 = 20 mil




Thinking of starting my own  for something to do, but if it’s going to take years with my gold donations  then probably not.

Yea but it’s cool too to be able to activte some boosts only for us I mean each player alone for gold so the game would be much better and fun and if for all the alliance then we pay alliance gold 

Sure, being able to spend one’s own ingame gold directly on an alliance boost would be cool. Though, I think they won’t allow that anywhere in near future as real money donations to the alliance treasury seem to be a good source of income for Flaregames… also, as the elite boosts are part of the alliance feature, letting individual players directly activate them with the individual players’ own gold seems a bit “off the point” - the boosts should be an incentive to form an alliance and work together to get these advantages.

In my post quoted by you above, however, I rather tried to hint at an advantage of allowing access to the alliance’s ingame gold only to alliance leaders (and possibly deputy when further alliance member ranks are introduced in the future). I didn’t want to say that higher regular donation options without real money are not desirable.

Yes Florian, I know that’s what it’s about :wink:

But after a level update and a new boost is released, the boost is only active for 6 or 12 hrs.

After that you need to activate them by using gold from the Alliance, that’s my point…:wink:

Yes they are very expensive, TOO EXPENSIVE in my opinion and need to be cut down. 


Yes, a good statement was made for an alliance with 30+ members donating 100k each keeping 1 up at all times but that is harder than it sounds. 100k each donations means everyone need alliance tower 8 I believe which is about 2000 total gem cost. 


Again as you level up your alliance your cost to activate them goes up as well. There are like about 10 elite boost in the game and being able to only use 2 or them if you have a near max alliance with near max donations doesn’t seem very good. Also when you use them you pretty much cannot level up anymore as all or most of your gold is now going to the boosts.



To my original points


CO-leaders/generals are needed.


These players should be able to activate elite boosts and accept invites to the alliance

Having a level 8 alliance tower costs a total of 1252 gems, which is a lot, but if you compare it with the gains you can get (elite boosts) I don’t find it that much. And yes, you are correct that if you want to keep the elite boost activated, you cant level up that fast. The alliance leader has to make a choise between levelling up more or using the elite boost. As I stated before, I dont think the elite boosts should be common for everybody in every medal range to use. They should be hard to get and even harder to maintain, thats why they are named ELITE boosts.

I completely support your statement about co-leaders though :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think you need more than a few boosts tbh. Diff ranges of trophies need diff boosts. When you get beyond a point eg mid 3000’s you don’t need bomber or arrow tower or perhaps even archers etc. Then 3500-all the way to top 100 players you are probably gold farming to level up and attack. So cannon boost is great. That’s all the alliance I am in use and it is a good balance between increasing alliance level and giving an edge on attack. Then when you are top 100 you want to defend your trophies and Elite Ogre/Werewolf in large defence waves will do that. At that point your king’s Stats are so high you can attack and beat people relatively easily without elite attacking boosts.


I think alliances will benefit if they player ranges in the alliance are about the same level. its more efficient and they get the optimal benefit from the boost/s chosen.


Also most people don’t care about trophy range until top 500 therefore unless you want to earn gems in defence, lower alliances should just use attacking boosts imo to help make farming gold easier and maximise win success without needing scrolls.

I agree that with most of what you said, including that an alliance of players with similar trophy range might not need all of those boosts at the same time.


Though, I wouldn’t say that arrow tower or especially archer boosts get outdated. Actually, especially with the buffed shield spell, lvl 10 archers can be great for attacking. With tons of additional health and blunt damage, they are powerful at virtually any trophy range if you know how to use them. Another example for a relatively early boost are the tough barricades - now take a look at some top players. Recently, e.g. MasterE uses no blockades at all (and all barricades instead): Definitely doesn’t get obsolete in higher trophy range! :grinning: