Elite Boost Activation

Recently, a feature was added where we get to know who started the war. I would appreciate if Flare can add a feature where we get to know who activated an elite or war boost. Sometimes, someone just random activates a boost according to his/her need & the rest keep guessing. So what I would like is a mailbox message saying - Person X activated Raging Wolf boost.

Ahaha,almost half of ur alliance is generals,u have forgotten my previous advice to u?

As they put it for who declare war, we want the same for the boost, yeah

This could actually be useful, not only for your team or teams with bad management, but for anyone. Also I recommend leaders to make generals to players who they can trust, me for example, everytime I activate a boost out of nowhere, I write an alliance message or at least tell Jack my reasons :slight_smile:  

I m a member of ABA (anonymus boost activators), that s why I never get promoted

Yeah, so we can sentence the guilty suspect who seemingly “accidentally” activated Poison Arrow Tower for 2 weeks to banishment and execution!

We gotta burn the blackened!!

Hahaha… And we have a bunch of sleepy zombies including me who forget to extend the boosts before they expire. Gotta sleep now…  -_-zzzzZZ

Who need boosts anyway? Learn to raid without them.

Yea nice idea,it would help us to know the player who did it.

hope FG impliment it soon.