Elite boost arblasters COMING SOON

Just posted on the facebook page that elite boost arbs will be in the next update! Check back on their page this week for more sneak peeks!


They have ice attack but from the sounds of the RR comment they will not slow, as they said it wont replace frosters…we will see if they slow or not as currently any ice damage slows things.


link to source https://www.facebook.com/RoyalRevolt?ref=br_tf


Start leveling up arblasters! 

If they slow enemies down, they’ll be unstoppable. I see 7 arblasters +monster in a single wave coming soon. My king is going to die quickly.

I’m ready with Arblasters (already at max) but my question is: at what alliance level the new Elite Boosts will be unlock, since each level we unlock a new boost/new level boost is already occupied by another Elite Boost level ?


Ipotetic Answer:


I think the new Elite Boosts features will be add in another way, maybe according to the amount of trophies that has the alliance ? For example reaching 50.000 trophies you unlock Arblaster, reaching 100.000 you will unlock the second new Elite Boost and so on !

But now you can ask what happen if you have 50.000 trophies stored and maybe your alliance members decrease the amount of trophies to 49.000 for example:


There are 2 possibilities:

  1. If the Elite Boost is already activate it will be available as far as the time finish, and in that moment you will not able to upgrade them or extend the time (gray button);

  2. If the Elite Boost is activated and you have more than that 50.000 trophies you can continue to have them.


I made this ipotetic answer because of, if the future Elite Boost will be too much powerful, there is also the possibilities to discard them by stripping opponents Alliance trophies; thing that happen often in top Alliance.


But if in the next coming patch they will add more alliance levels there will be so the free space to add these new Elite Boosts (not recommended).

Destroying other alliances’ boosts by trophy stripping? God, no! :open_mouth:


Trophy stripping may always be present in the game to some extent, but making this a core game mechanic to fight other alliances? Sounds like a bad idea.

Also, maybe you still remember that during the 5000-gems-for-rank-1-race there were 2 members at 7000 and 6800 trophies while rest of top ten were at 5800 trophies or so. I think this shows how much influence some players and alliances have if they can just push up 1st place by over 1k trophies. Trophy stripping is also, while being less of a problem maybe than some months ago, still definitely present. 

Thus, from a system where you can strip boosts from other alliances, mainly those will profit who have half a dozen strong accounts hidden in the lower trophy range and use them to strip trophies from “honest”/regular players without any chance for them to strike back… also, if boost-stripping gets into the game, the inequalities regarding free food videos get an even larger impact…

Already now, the top of the leaderboard is largely dominated by trophy stripping and dumping, and not by actual skill or achievement… I really don’t want trophy stripping and multi-accounting to get a core game mechanic… 

Hi guys,


As it is told the are ‘Frost Frenzy Arblasters’ - for me it means, they can stand frost, so they will be better in attack and Frosters cannot slow down them.

OR maybe Frost Frenzy = they like frost, so even they will will be faster when frost comes… :slight_smile:



blasters one of the most efficient units in the game.their gain further strengthen unbalance

To some extent, I agree. But to that end, barricade is the most op part of the whole game. Atleast with strengthening arbs, you will have something to use on offense as well as defense. Dunno.

Personally, they are my favorite unit, and frost is my favorite damage. I cant wait for this update :wink:

If arb can slow unit, it will be over power. Froster = junk

Arb with frost damage = orge dead = wolf dead. With it’s range, mortal may not able to counter it. Expect more scroll to win a base?


That’s what I’m afraid of. Arblasters already do tons of damage as is. But now with extra frost? Unstoppable.

blaster offence vs blaster defence

kill! kill! kill!

Ogres die always under the effect of Arblaster, since i think you don’t spawn only 1 arblaster but maybe 5-6 or not? They die always in few seconds just need a lot of them.

I think boosted Arbs is a great idea. I mean why spend 10m gold on upgrade or whatever it costs, and still have a weaker unit then a 4m gold archer!!!

Secondly, we keep moaning defence is too strong. Arbs could help to make attack stronger.

You can always use swordrain or blizzard type spells to take out arbs so that would counteract people using them on defence

If their boost is frost based that is also great because it means you could potentially drop frosters and free up a better offence dps unit e.g knights or ogre or something else.


Im looking forward to seeing what their boost is.

start upgrade arbs ? lol I have them maxed weeks ago , in fact all my units are maxed out

are we getting alliance war in this update.we need that soon.

yes we will get war update

Finally, another ice troop! I suggested this not to long ago and it came true! :stuck_out_tongue: