Elite Boost Costs



I have an issue of fairness that I want to raise with Flare.  My alliance is full (40 members) and once we reached 40, the cost for a boost for cannon or wolf was 1 million for 8 hours.  Recently we leveled up and got an increase to Range Bomber (to level 3).  I noticed that the costs for our boosts for cannon and wolf increased again (1.024 million) even though they are at the same level (cannon lvl 3, wolf lvl 2).


I am willing to pay more for a boost if the boost covers more members or its an increase in level but I have a problem paying more for the exact same boost with no additional benefit.


I think as more alliances reach 40 and realize that their boost costs will keep increasing you will hear more complaints on this subject.


If boosts need to cost more, that fine.  But you have to have a good justification for the price increase


Thank you

 they just want people to spend as much gold and gems as they can and then spend real cash to buy more gems/gold. i said it before, it wil not take verry long before players start dropping the game cause of the greed;.

i mention it before long ago, flare don’t seem to bother. 

Agree, same amount of people enjoy the same boost, they should be the same cost.

Jona already pass this feedback to the devs , hopefully they’ll change something

Thanks Fii Nami.  Hopefully Flare will see what a disincentive this is to level up your alliance past the point of 40 members.

High cost is one problem, low donation is another.  Even if we hv 40 member with 250k donation per day, sometime ppl will forget to donate. So we don’t actually get that much donation per day. I hope there is some notification like 10 minute before cool down for donation end, (they hv notification for league so i guess it should be possible to implement as well) . 


Or a suggestion is, can we hv auto-donate option, so whenever we choose it, then we automatically donate to the alliance when cool down time end. 

auto donation sounds good !

and auto-play, and auto-win :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea of a auto donate or donate anytime within a 24 hour period to cover it is a good idea. Every time you delay a donation by a couple of minutes you add a couple of minutes to the next time you can donate, slowly this works its way towards a time when you can’t donate (middle of the night etc). I understand that flare want to keep us active in the game, but to meet the donation target every time on time is pretty much impossible if you live a normal life. 


I agree with the above comments about escalating costs, no boost should cost more if your level increases, only if the boost itself increases. Maintaining boosts has become particularly difficult as we are still restricted to the 40 members for donations.


Flare please listen to the above comments, they are made by experienced players who understand the game and want to see it flourish.

auto donate or tax on taverns so it takes it over time without you having to think about it!?


Yes agree, even with 40 players theoretically donating 250k per day. 10m gold per day. at our alliance level (36) it would take 8 days to go from lv 36 to 37,  assuming no boosts were activated. Each level increases exponentially so it could take 6months if you want to keep 1-2 boost on 24/7. Given ,most people don’t donate 250k per day as the gem cost is so high to level tower, most alliances will never achieve high level alliances and it could take a year??


Flare should reduce costs in general and make it a flat rate for a set level of boost and not increasing with each alliance level as JRR states above.

IMHO, I think the implementation of elite boosts has completely screwed up the game. There is no fairness anymore because the game has become too much of a pay to win game.

^ I actually have to agree there. It’s more about who you’re with, not necessarily how good you are.

I think they made alliances for high level players only…because if you have say 15 members in your alliance and each donating 50k,then also you will not be able to use boost because costs are too high,you can only enjoy 15% gold bonus…at low levels without spending money it will take months to make progress in this game…sometimes it makes me feel sad that such a good game is ruining itself…

I will see for few more weeks if they didn’t change anything I am definitely going to uninstall it…