Elite Boost for Farms! Double Capacity!

Elite Boost for Farms!

Currently a farm fills up in about 3 and a half hours. 

I propose with an elite boost a farm would have the capacity to store twice that so you could get 7 hour out of your farm. 

(Another way to look at it is your fall asleep, wake up, and you’re farm is up to double the capacity it would be.)

This is an interesting idea. It makes think on a possible Elite Boost for the Silo too, I mean, we’re needing something to enhance its capacity already, that boost would increase the amount of food it can totally stores by a big percentage (50% maybe?)

Elite boosts are already causing serious imbalances in the game and their cost to keep is overwhelming, even for the highest ranked alliances. Adding more elite boosts will make alliances strive even harder to keep their alliance treasury from going bankrupt. 


There various issues in the game, and the answer to them is balancing without the need of extra cash investment! Do you guys really like to pay for what is considered the standard free content in other games??  Flare does need to balance farms and silo capacity, but at no extra cost at the user! 

I agree more with Evelthon, but any improvement to the farm would make me happier!

Completely agree with Evelthon. It would be so much better if we have the upgrades without having to invest money or to spend alliance gold.

Agree…and even the food storage capacity is very small…make it in between 4000-6000…and if there is global chat that will be more interesting…