Elite Boost for Frost Tower

I’d love to see an elite boost for the Frost Tower that has the frost tower casting low level blizzards around it every time an enemy is nearby like the Gargoyle Nest just casting spells instead of spawning.

Please don’t make yet another on destruction/death event.  There are too many on destruction/death events.  It’s almost 50%!  Surprise Mummy, Frenzy Frost Blaster, Stargazer Tower, Cursed Cenotaph, Accursed Tower!

I would recommend cluster this with: Karmen’s idea for Northern Wolves:

  • Northern Wolf: This would take away its weakness to ice and give it more health.



And make the season: Winter Wars

Sounds like a great idea. By the way, you mispelled my nickname, it’s Karman. Karmen is a mispelled Spanish female name 

I like this boost because it would be the first boost to effectively transform a tower.

Where the Frost Tower is currently basicaly a melee tower (it has to be so close to do damage). 

But with repeated low level Blizzards it would become a real ranged tower.

It’s true, right now it is the most useless tower. Remember you can post your boost ideas on my list.

Or Carmen de los Ángeles? hahaha. Ok, we’re going off-topic…  :stuck_out_tongue: