Elite Boosted Cannons

I’m not sure if anyone has made this particular observation before, but I discovered it today and wanted to post about it. So I’ve been using elite boosted cannons because they are amazing against pretty much everything (although a wave of impertinent gargoyles can still destroy every single one. At least they can with mine, anyways). But I noticed while raiding my own defense that my elite boosted cannon can kill one of my snake towers in four hits, while a non-boosted cannon can kill one of my snake towers in two hits. 

I noticed that my normal cannon lvl 7 deals more damage instead when i have elite cannon lvl 1 on cannon 7 deals  less damage.

So i think “i spent 500k alliance gold to get an elite boost, that make less damage ?” better take a normal canno lvl 7 so, probably more elite boosts will do the difference, but it should since start elite boost lvl 1 that make the difference !

It does make a difference. Yes it takes more shots, but it takes less time. Next time you try it, take a look at the clock and notice how much time it takes before the cannon takes down the tower with and without elite boost. I guess that you then could notice that the boosted one is acutally better.

The boosted cannon SINGLE SHOT is underpowered compared to the SINGLE SHOT of NON-boosted. But since the boosted cannon fires more rapidly it’s stronger than the normal one. Got it?


From the wikia…


"Like most elite units, storm cannons come with a significant bonus to health and damage. Their most remarkable characteristic, however, is their attack rate – they shoot about three times as fast as regular cannons (visual judgment, not to be considered exact).

What looks pretty cool at first can be confusing, because three times as many cannonballs doesn’t mean three times as much damage. In fact, a single shot from a storm cannon is considerably weaker than one from a regular cannon. At the highest level (120% damage boost), 220% damage would be divided on three shots, hence a single shot would be as powerful as 73% of a regular one."

Yep. Elite Cannons Lv.1 only deal 60% damage per shot, but shoot 3x as fast. So overall, 180% damage, + health boost. So worth it.

Exactly, more “damage per second”, more hp, and faster shooting.


You know, when a unboosted cannon is able to fire the 1st shot immediately, it will cause a bigger “moment-zero” damage than a boosted cannon will do. Though, The rapid rate of fire for boosted cannons means that after a second or two, they already are in lead. And if a tower is already damaged, the ability to spread the cannon’s damage among more shots at different targets can be very useful.