Elite boosted knights

Knights, elite boosted to lv 7, attack spike traps, while knights elite boosted to lv 1 apparently do not? What is the cutoff level for this increase in AI?


Are there any other units like this?

Boosted barricades, for example, receive 150% fire resistance only at level 3+ of the boost.

Yeah, our at level 6.


  • The only units capable of damaging spikes are Blazing Knights, Paladins, Ogres, and Cannons.
  • Power Archers, similarly to archers never attack spikes directly. However, spikes take a lot of damage from the AOE type attack of the Power archer’s arrows. If their arrows explode close to a spike, the spike will take damage from the AOE effect of the explosion.
  • SOURCE: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Knight#Elite_Boost_.28Blazing_Knight