So someone asked about Elite Mummy’s on RR2’s FB page and Flare basically admitted they’re coming.


The only questions are what will be the difference? Will it have this mysterious extra ability like Elite Arblasters? And will the new Elite boosts all be in a new category?



I think it will add whatever damage it takes from an enemy to it’s own life similar to paladins. What do you think?



Ohhh sweet. I think lifesteal is a sweet ability and would make sense for a mummy, but I doubt they would add the exact same boost. Maybe a life regeneration? My question is, thus far every boost increases health. Mummies use to have more health but it got nerfed for offense because they were too strong. Are we going back to op mummies as well? I guess the good news is that even maxed alliances wont be able to afford to have every ‘good’ boost active now,


…not without cash donations… … …damn…i see where this is going.,

RR2 on facebook answered in a general way to all things: “_Something like this…”, " We can’t say anything for sure…", “We might have something for you soon…” _etc. these are typical sentences that answer him, nobody know what will be next, so don’t take everything that passes as if it were the truth.

What i mean is: Just wait and then work out.  :stuck_out_tongue:

elite mummy can carry the hero and jump over barricade together

I’m honestly not looking forward to more elite boost and if you think top alliance cant afford every good booag you’re wrong.Some old boost will be redundant and we drop them for better one thats it

I want Elite Arb with speed boost

…and the game will become an elite game…but if everything will be elite…what will be the differences compared to a non elite game? …oh yes…huge amount of gems spent… :mellow:

One day we will never see normal troops but all elite boosts in every match we’ll do  :lol:

I think the mummy’s ability will be Acid Spit. Ability to attack other units across lanes.

Or… Maybe they’ll finally attack towers…

My real question is, at what level will it unlock? All the alliance levels are already spoken for :\

Welp, there it is. More health and something to do with its stun. Any ideas?



Based on the picture and the confirmation that it’s main ability is still stun, I’m thinking the mummy will drop or throw something that will emit the mummys stun effect and have to be dealt with to remove the stun effect…



That’s just my best guess though… Flare almost always throws a curve ball at us.

So Alliance Wars, Elite Boosted Mummies and Elite Boosted Arblasters. Anything else before someone starts a new topic?