Elite-Boosted Troops appeared at Dungeon

I’ve been preparing to clear dungeon.

Today I found that most of the building and troops in

high-level dunegons became elite-boosted.

Those levels become not penetrable!


Sad, mummies lv4, which were near grasp, are gone.


I think that it would be better to leave original duneons untouched and

make another high-level dungeon, which has troops, monsters and buildings with

elite-boosted, for high-level players.

I have tried 2 times last mummy level and failed. The buffed canons are very effective. I think with alliance buffs the dungeons will be easier.

what does buffed cannon do?

It is a “storm cannon”… I’m not sure what that means…  ice? more blunt? can affect more buildings with one shot?


No one will really know until the buffs are released (within the next couple days, when the Windows PC players get their version back).


Edit: The dungeons already have elite boosts; if you pay close attention, you may be able to figure out what they really are.

after the last update you don’t need alliance buffs to finish the last mission you need superman.

So I am superman - thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

storm cannon implys a pearsing buff.


but im widows so ill have 2 get back to you on that lolz

nobody knows what a storm cannon is because Android and Apple are not allowed the alliance buffs until Windows works… but cannons with piercing buff is useless because cannons don’t attack units?


Maybe it adds fire damage then? Fire or ice are quite the only types of damage that make sense.

Piercing and poison are useless against buildings, blunt is already the cannon’s base damage, and “normal” damage = cutting/slicing, which would be really strange for round cannon balls…


Or they don’t change damage but increase range and/or rate of fire? *Imagines a firebolt-speed-cannon and falls in love with it*


I still upgrade my Knights to max Lv - with fireboost and shield spell it will be a good unit against mummy and poison tower.

Is there any dungeon level with Fire Knights?

Yes. Just look at the dungeons around gold chamber 5, several of the earlier dungeons have fire knights already, and probably more throughout all of the levels. Though, there knights might just not be among the previewd / most-used troops. 



True, but still faster rate of fire means cannons would not die from fb towers before even firing once :grinning:

So part of their damage would arrive earlier. Still, what I meant in my above post was “increased rate of fire + overall DPS”.


Though, according to some people that have already seen those in action, the buff seems to be additional blunt damage and higher rate of fire.