elite boosts for every one!!!!

Flare I ask you this…why can’t players that are solo or in an alliance less than 8 members not get elite boost??? This hardly seems fair. Kind of sort of like discrimination isn’t it? Puts all of those that don’t get it at a disadvantage doesn’t it? I thought this game was great with out this alliance war stuff, but some how you’ve managed to make it sort of one sided.


I’d like to see the option of purchasing elite boosts whether you are in an alliance with enough players or not, or if you are a solo player. I think this would make the playing field more even.


Why should alliances with 8 players or more have the advantage of an elite boosted defense and offense over every one else?

Most people have passed this point, and most people still passing it. Best thing is donate regularly always to the alliance, and waiting also lot of time to level up it, but complain only at start because maybe you don’t have your raging wolf for example, it’s too much excessive.

If you had money to “buy” an elite boost, why you don’t instead, speed up the alliance with the same amount of money? It is surely better and rewarding. So at least you have your raging wolf (as example) and then you can upgrade/prolong it how many times you want.

I am talking about those that choose NOT to join an alliance, why can we not be able to acquire boost??? or is this a stupid question?